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  1. You can put down myself (U'quih Tia) as attending for the League of Hunters, and a plus-one as soon as I can find someone to drag with me.
  2. Leli'sae Mersalah Leli is a flamboyant and flirtatious pirate with a penchant for causing trouble. He's also rather easygoing and is perfectly fine to get along with whomever so long as they aren't, as he would put it, 'right mean ol' coves'. He also hates shirts, so that's probably an added bonus. Leli isn't too particular about his dates, so long as it isn't soppy! Nothing I can think of, though stereotypical romantic nonsense might be met with sarcasm and eye-rolls. And he's fine with every gender, he's equal-opportunity like that.
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