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  1. New, brightly colored flyers hang on the notification boards in the markets of all the major cities. The flyers show pictures of various exotic goods from Eorzea and beyond. The print is much smaller than the pictures and includes a map of the Goblet with a star on the location. Grey Moon Tea Company is celebrating it’s move to Ul’dah in with an open house you won’t soon forget. Come to the newly expanded showrooms to see, taste, and experience exotic goods from all over the known world. We will have hourly drawings for prizes that you can only find from scouring all corners of the world. Even if you don’t win a drawing you will be one of the first to experience the fabulous new brand of whiskey from Ishgard. It’s exclusive to the Grey Moon Tea Co, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss! OOC Info The open house will start at 8:00 pm EST in Ward 18, Plot 43 of the Goblet. The drawings will be once an hour during the event and you do have to be present to win. The winner will receive a piece of crafted iLevel 350 gear of their choice. This is an open RP event, if you want to conduct other business while at the open house, legitimate or not, feel free to do so. All I ask is that you please be mindful of others attending the event if you are going to do that. Contact Avangaline Tiderunner in game or PM me if you have any questions.
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    OOC Notes: Give aways will be once an hour for a piece of crafted iLevel 350 gear of the winner's choosing. If you want more information please contact Avangaline Tiderunner in game or PM me here. You do have to be present to win.
  3. until
    They Grey Moon Tea Company has recently moved their trading operation to Ul'dah. The trading company is known for it's exotic wares such as spices, perfumes, tea, and more. A new line of Ishgardian whiskey is going to be presented at the event, make sure you don't miss it! Ward 18, Plot 43, Goblet 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern Time on Balmung.
  4. I'm curious to know in what form you'd like this representation to take, because I'm going to assume you're not necessarily advocating for arbitrary player character deaths. Major injuries from the many monsters that prowl around unchecked? Disease? Poverty? As for the subject matter, curiously enough I don't believe I see much of artisan-centric or gatherer roleplay. There are plenty of player characters who are adventurers, merchants, and self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades, but a dedicated alchemist character? A dedicated armorer? A dedicated weaver? A miner who wants to strike it rich? A botanist who wants to cultivate rare flora? Hell, a travelling fisherman? Sure, these mundane aspirations aren't too interesting on the surface, and having a character who is a noncombatant can make certain situations awkward, but I think there is a good amount of material to build a character off of these concepts. Lilia and I are dedicated RPers towards Goldsmithing and Weaving. Its even how Otto introduces himself lately since I dropped the shitty UlDah politics IC. I flex those Mater GSM/WVR rings in my rp. But its incredibly rare. Most people are content to be generic adventurers "who take on odd jobs here an' there for a bit o' gil to drink mead at the tavern", and theres nothing wrong with it but its everywhere. So few artisan RPers. Even fewer artisan RPers who can even remotely have a discussion about the actual crafting process. Sadly most people who rp crafters of some sort, can't even tell you the boiling point of water IC or OOC (if they are an alchemist or a culinarian for example), but thats its own problem. It reminds me of people who roleplay combative characters but never combat rp. Sure. Ive actually ran into one other "fashion designer" rper who couldnt name or explain a single crochet stitch method of any kind for any application and they just expect to be taken seriously on it. The majority of crafting rp becomes super shallow, and doesn't rise above the level of tavern-tier rp, because no one does any OOC research to back up any IC crafting discussion. This is why most people dont both with crafter rp. Yes that. I would love to RP a weaver in game but fiber arts is my paying job so I know waaaaaaayy more about it than most folks do in game. I don't expect people to know the amount of weaving stuff that I do by any means. I do expect folks to do a little bit of research if they are going to RP a craft. Though, to be fair, the game doesn't exactly accurately represent the craft anyway. The spinning wheels are all wrong and the loom looks like a piano not a loom. *Sigh*
  5. Oh I wouldn't say that. Blizzard had the same type of problems with the high pop servers at their launch. It was a mess just as crazy as this on. I was there. It sucked.
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