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  1. Sorry about the confusion. I mean IC company that would help my character's theme. But at the same time, I could use OOC help on the game in case I get confused such as how to focus on end game or such. I'm not sure what Free Company would fit because I usually want to know the character first. The IC friends I made seemed to have their Free Company with closed recruitment. I hoping to find one that can help me through Duty Finder and such.
  2. Sigh...once again, I'm feeling nervous. But after experiencing my first run through the Sastasha dungeon (incomplete because of DC lol), I decided that Tank is not for me. I selfishly pick up Tank class because I want to catch up to everyone's level quickly and be able to use the entire continent for my RP experience. I heard rumors about how terrible the waiting time is for DPS on Duty Finder. The best way to get through it is join a Free Company. And...now, I'm stuck here, wondering what Free Company I should join. I have no idea how to search for it. I'm been having too much fun RPing that I focus on RPing instead of leveling. Now, it came to the point where I do need to focus on leveling but then I wonder if it's possible to combine leveling with RPing? I would love the idea of joining the Free Company in character and also, I could use help out of character in case I get stuck on the game mechanics. There's still much I have to learn like how to get a chocobo for a starters. (Just found out I have to be Lv. 30 :cry:) This is a brief description of my character. I'm still learning how to make a complete bio lol. Ludger Aurion is the son of a lower noble family that serves under the House of Fortemps. While House of Fortemps has more liberal view, his family only seeks glory. To that reason, the family feels that Ludger will bring dishonor to the family with his physical aliment of being deaf. He's not fully deaf but hard of hearing. While he's not able to hear as well as normal people can, he's able to communicate well by able to read lips. However despite all that, the family held a bias belief that deaf or any disabled person is mentally incapable. There's also a strong belief that any imperfection is a sin to the Holy See, so the family hide him (to protect their reputation) and keep him from the world except military training academy. This action make him naive and innocent as he has no idea of the social norms. Tired of being hidden and repressing his (homosexual) feelings, he decided to take the first step and left everything he knows. That's not the full version but that's the gist of it lol. I'm sucker for a romance RP and my character is an eager one for a companion. I'll be upfront and say I don't mind eRP as long as it's plot driven of course. I'm not going to be a quick fling . So, hopefully, anyone here can give me the right direction to help me find the right Free Company.
  3. Um I think I screw reply to post up . I'm so not familiar with this. I know how you feel too. I always hoping someone would approach me but at the same time I kept thinking maybe that person just approach me just to be nice. I get so many negative thoughts despite my exterior. I learn how to hide my anxieties well and that gives me a poker face. (which helps me a lot in my first time playing Poker . They thought they could win off a newbie but with my poker face, they have no clue what my hand is. So I end up winning 100 bucks!) I have very few RL friends but they're the best friends who would have my back. I believe it's better to have few true friends than having multiple casual friends. Sadly while I know I can count on my friends to help me in need, they don't share the same interests as me. I love RP. I love RPGS. So playing FFXIV on this server that combined two of my favorites? I'm just beyond ecstatic. I can finally feel like I'm starting my life. Hence the title of this thread lol. As for the screenshots, I'm trying to figure out how to zoom into the face and use that as my avatar. I'm also trying to figure out how to post picture here on the forum. Um okay, I have no idea how to quote multiple people ! I'm trying to click "Quote this" but it's not working for me. I'm just gonna copy and past from another web page. Never mind, copying and paste doesn't work for me either ! I'm so forum illiterate. I'll just do this the good old fashioned way. Chicken Nugger: Thank you for inviting me over to the table! Through you, I made more friends! I can't express how much thanks I want to give to you. Also, I don't take compliment well. :blush: I'm never used to people complimenting me or saying positive stuff about me. So when you said I'm enthusiastic. So any compliment you give me, I'll absolutely deny it out of habit . I need to fix that but since I'm here, maybe I'll be more positive. Kamome: After being introvert in RL and umm Internet life for so long, I just suddenly want to burst to the open . Trust me, my internet life is so bad that I only spent half of hour browsing emails and exploring video game/anime news. I get so bored that I went to the same website repeatedly for any update. I avoided forums like the plague ever since I was so scarred by it long time ago. Talk about pathetic . I hope to meet you too! I just spent the entire night leveling up my char. to 15, so I can explore other cities through airship. Right before class in the morning..... Cliodhna Eoghan: I'm not cute! Trust me! :blush::blush::blush: I'm having fun RPing with the people in my starting city. A new friend told me that I need to level up 15 to unlock airship, so I level grinded the whole night. Big mistake . I accidentally fell asleep while still fighting a monster and now the monster killed me when I could have just press the button couple more times to kill it . Faye: Thank you for telling me! I received my first moogle mail yesterday. It was an awesome feeling! theincubuslord: Nice to meet you too! Shiina: What's Tales?....Nah, I'm kidding. I'm...a hardcore fan of Tales. Heck, if there's Tales MMORPG, I'll drop this in a heartbeat and go join that one. Nah, kidding again, everyone is so nice, so it make me feel like I want to stay! We should meet and discuss about Tales all night lol! Bopdoot: Thank you for the welcome! Atoline: Thank you! I'm just happy that people are willing to show me around. I think I got the hang of it now since someone helped me go through the game last night. I just need to unlock the airship! I hope we can meet each other in RP!
  4. Wow, I knew there were nice people here but I never expected so many replies. I want to thank everyone here for showing me warm greetings and helpful advice. I hope to seek your guidance/teachings in the future. Treat me as a mold if you desire lol. I'm not sure how to quote replies since I'm still new to everything. I'm not even aware of macro-language. Chicken Nugger: I wasn't aware I was being enthusiastic but thank you! I hope to see you around too. If you do find me, do harass me! I won't mind! :blush: This is my absolute first time RPing with more than one people or a whole server. I'm not even sure how many RPers are there in Balmung lol. Steel Wolf: Thank you for the welcome! I'm not sure about "just get out there and do it" lol. In between classes, I sneaked into the server (still feel like a dream to me!) and just watched people around me as I walked. I seen so many chats and I'm not sure how to jump in. I'm truly very shy online. Heck, this is my first forum in a long time. I do not know about Making Connections, I will check that out! Thanks! Warren Castille: If you need my fortune, I'll gladly give it to you! I'm not sure about being lucky. RNG can screw me tremendously so many times lol. A nightmare you say? It still felt like a dream to me! Kellach Woods: There's that enthusiasm again! To be honest, I'm not familiar with that word and this is the first that you guys mention to me. :blush: I do read rumors about how players were treated snobbishly by elitists. I'm thrilled that everyone is so nice here. Enzo: Thousand thanks for your advices. I'll keep them in mind! They're very useful links. Since I'm out of school, I'll begin reading them soon, Sir Enzo. I don't mind being a background character since I enjoy finding new stories everyday. Like everyone here probably, I loathed Mary Sue and Gary Stu to the maximum lol. Flaws are the best character traits inside and outside. And may I ask where can I post character idea for advice? And I'm not even sure I can answer 100 questions but I'll do my best! Ligardian Dreamer: Thank you for words of comfort! I was unsure if I have to memorize the entire lore. It's comforting to know that I only need to understand the basics. And I'm really shy! Like I mentioned, this is my first forum in a long time. The last forum scarred me with bullying from very overzealous fangirls. It didn't help me that the moderator took their side when the rules clearly stated that no insults should be allowed. Honestly, I would love people come up to me instead of me taking the first step lol. I'm that shy and invisible lol. Lyrik: Sweet?! That's the first anyone ever said that to me! :blush: I'm not that great lol! I hope I'll form an addiction too! Everyone here is so friendly, it just lighten up my day really! Sounsyy: *not sure what to do in the presence of the almighty. Bows clumsily* Melodia: *bows again to Sounsyy* Oh thanks for the welcome! Cliodhna Eoghan: *not sure what to do with the hug* :blush: Thanks for the cookies! White chocolate are my fav! I'll keep you in mind if I need help leveling up in the game! Should I focus on leveling first or just jump right in? Zhavi: W-w-w-what?! I'm not adorable! :blush: Have you seen my avatar? Does that look adorable to you? Roen: What's adorable about me??! :blush::blush::blush: Ralyon: There's that enthusiasm again! I'm not even sure I'm an enthusiastic person! :blush: I'm just so excited to be here and so anxious to make friends. To be honest, my instant message RP buddy is my only close friend. I have casual web friends...(again through my friend's connections) but I usually talk to them once....in six months? I do have a good friend whose like a brother to me but he does not have the same interests as me. I can truly expect him to have my back but he probably won't be watching Anime or play video games with me anytime soon ! I hope we can help each other out. Faye: Thank you for the welcome! And I'm glad to be....refreshing? . Quick questions. Can you send private messages to people or friends who are not online? Also...how do you save logs of your RP? And I'm not sure how to post screenshot here lol. Sorry! You'll have to see my avatar to see what my character look like!
  5. Hello, I'm very new here. This is probably the first time I ever post in forum since....ever. I stalked forums but I never joined in or create a welcome thread. Warning: Being an emotional writer, I'm just pouring my emotions right now . So please skip this part all the way to the empty spaces. I...could not express how much joy I have to finally create a character on the Balmung Server. I have heard for days that this is the RP server and I just wanted so badly to be part of the world. I don't know what to say about myself except that I'm just new...at everything actually. I have at best minimal RP experience with my online friend for the past five years only by the use of instant messages. My friend's a crazed fan of MMPORG but she would never play or start any games unless I play with her. I played a free online MMPORG game with her once. While it went well for her, it does not end well for me. Being an introvert, I found myself at the bad sides of impatient players. Soon enough, my friend quit playing that game because I was not there. I cherished her loyalty and friendship to no end. I'm a huge fan of RPG games. She convinced me to play FFXIV with her and I did. I had created a character on the server with her a month ago. It was fun at first but it was not just for me. We joined an EU server solely because her friends were there. They were nice people and have their own small Free Company but I still felt like I do not belong there. The people of FC were her friends, not mine. I could talk to my friend but with others, I felt like an outcast. That's when I was longing for that wonderful feeling of RP. For the past week, I did light research...well...very light...I haven't read the Lore yet. I just simply type in FFXIV RP and eventually I came to this forum. I basically stalked around, not having any clue of what I should be looking at. So I figured I'll create a character first. And so I have been waiting like a vulture for the RP server to finally open. When I saw a maintenance news, I just had a thought...just maybe right after 2 AM, it'll finally open. And so, I stayed up late even though I should have slept early for my morning Uni classes. I just couldn't miss this chance. Exactly at 2 AM, I just click Data Center and just goes from there. I simply selected Balmung and proceed to character creation. I couldn't believe my eyes as I spent almost a hour trying to create an ideal RP character. Am I really in the Balmung server? As soon I talked to the Guildmaster, I was immediately bombarded by people RPing right in the Adventurer's Hall. I still couldn't believe my eyes. I just had to log out and see for sure that I'm really in Balmung server. Tears just came to my eyes (Yes, I'm a softie ) and I'm just beyond thrilled that I can at last being my RP life. Um wow, that was long. Well putting that out of the way, I literally have no experience on MMORPG RP. I do have experience RPing over instant messages with my friend and that's just it. I'm hoping that if there are anyone here willing to guide me. You can treat my character with amnesia if you must. I'm willing to be the servant or puppy if that's your kink ;D. While I have not read the lore and not sure what to do from here (heck I don't even know to use forums or wiki. Heck I don't even have FB account ). I'm positive that my character will be sensitive, soft-hearted, and eager to learn anything. I'll probably be an eager virgin if I have to get into that territory. That being said, it's 4 am in the morning when I posted this . I gotta get to sleep for my lecture in four hours. I just wanna express my joy right away after character creation and hope for guidance from anyone here.
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