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  1. Ever feel as if you wish you could reach just a little bit higher to touch the stars? Perhaps there’s a dance you wish you could do better or even just sing a little? A beautiful a maid or gentleman caught your eye and you desire to woo them with words a bit more meaningful and soulful to the ear? Or a dream…of being an idol like many you’ve watched quietly from the crowd cheering them on as you envision yourself in their shoes? Maybe you’re that one sweet soul looking for a prodigy to pass upon your gifts to… Well look no further friends! The Isles of Paradise school of Performing Arts is the place for you! Here we strive to make sure /your/ dreams don’t stay dreams but become /your/ reality! We provide a vast variety of lessons and options for students and instructors, including lodging and a calm accepting environment for any and all to learn and thrive within at their own pace. The Isles of Paradise is looked after by their Director Alexei Zolotse. He has his own performing background rooted in burlesque, cabaret, (In which he flourished at while working at the Gilded Pony and still performs there), various dance styles with his favorite being belly dancing from his homeland Thavnaria, Also known as a rhythm and blues singer who composes all of his own music and has vast knowledge of many assortment of instruments. He has most recently over the past few moons joined up with the astoundingly talented Waltz Concerto assisting in creating the first co-ed pop group known as 3B, The Beat Breakerz Brigade. Alexei has also been a private dance instructor for many cycles prior to his public debut at the Gilded Pony. Now this school is not just for music, do you enjoy painting? sculpting? acting or perhaps even writing? Music is indeed Poetry in motion but the written word without music alone is just as powerful a message as any in song. Art in all its forms deserves to be expressed however you wish to express it. So if you need a guiding hand or want to be that guiding hand come see us, and remember…don’t let your dreams stay dreams. [[[ Currently Looking for Instructors and students interested in the arts, Also looking for bartenders, security, and waiters for the club. Please contact: Alexei Zolotse, Enzeru Onizuka, or A’rhyz Tia for questions! Web application is at: http://tinyurl.com/IoP-Application ]]]
  2. I. Basic Info Characters:Enzeru Onizuka Primary character:Enzeru Onizuka Linkshells:None yet. Looking for RP and/or LGBT ones. Primary RP linkshell:Don't have one. [*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Varies from medium to heavy, dependent on mood and amount of time I might have. I love para RP. Views on RP combat and injuries: No permanent death or mutilation/dismemberment. I like my characters alive and intact. Views on IC romance: Can be fun if it happens. Should not be rushed. Romance with other males only though. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Non-romantic RP is great too and very much wanted. Views on lore: Lore is great and should be acknowledged. RP should not break lore but, perhaps, bend it some now and then. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Quite necessary and useful. RP in /party is rather good for crowded locations. [*] III. Other Info Country:United States Timezone:Central, but I keep odd hours. Contact info:Contact me in-game or here on the forums. Don't be afraid to contact me. I just recently transferred myself to Balmung, so I don't have many friends yet. [*] [align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]
  3. Hello there! I'm new to Balmung and this site, myself. Just transferred to Balmung like two or three days ago. Feel free to send me a tell sometime and say hello!
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