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  1. Hello, nice to meet you. My name in game is Saeyoung Choi. (I'm a Mystic Messenger fan ) I am looking for a stable <--- RP partner, who also enjoys the occasional (or more) ERP. I like story and concept, and I don't mind straying (slightly) from the canon lore. Saeyoung was originally Haruhiko, a character I played a very long time in XI. I was rather attached to him, and transferring to XIV back in 1.0 I decided I just wanted to keep going with what I had. I -am- looking for a romantic relationship with another male (I am also male). Nothing in real life please. If you'd like t
  2. Hello there, and nice to meet you! Recently I posted an ad looking for an RP partner. I found one! Just so it's proper, I've decided to edit this ad and change it to a simple hello. It's wonderful to meet you all, and thank you so much for the warm welcome! If you ever need help in game or just a buddy to talk to, please feel free to drop me a line. (If I'm AFK chances are I'm asleep ) Leto Estel, Balmung
  3. Hello there.. I read your article. It was very enticing. To be honest, I wouldn't have found this if it weren't for Raven - he's my little brother. He directed me to you because I was complaining I couldn't find a monogamous and tethered RP'er willing to play a serious game with me. He told me we were alike, and I thought, what the hay. I might as well get out there and meet someone new. So, if you're interested, let me know. I'd be happy to at least make a new friend out of this, but hopefully a good RP partner.. Let me know in game. My name is Leto Estel. I'm open for whisper
  4. Despite what the title says, I want this totally in game. No real life stuff. (Sometimes it gets kind of creepy). I'm looking for a romantic RP partner with another male. I'm also looking for normal RP with anybody else. I don't know if this is appropriate, but I tried to find a rules page and I didn't see one. I also skimmed over the other posts, and I think this is okay to say. ^^ Anywhoodles. I'm trying all leads and avenues to find my perfect RP partner. Someone who isn't crazy, please. I've had enough of crazy. Poke me in game, or I guess on here. (I just figured out ho
  5. You guys have been insanely helpful, and I made plenty of new lady friends too. :3 I'm a bit sad I can't seem to get a bite from a cute man, but, I'm super happy I have such awesome buddies. I'll keep looking around. I hear Lavander Beds is somewhere to be. I'll try there. But please, send me tells in game! I'd love to add you to the list of friends ~ Much love to everybody!
  6. Well thank you ladies! You two are so sweet. Feel free to poke me in the game, I'd love to meet more people. :3
  7. Hello. My name is Clear Kurage, from Balmung. I came here because I'm frustrated. I was here before, but my computer died and I lost the website. I won't lie, I love to RP. (Mature and normal, it's all fun) But for some reason, I just can't seem to find anybody -normal-. I find some pretty kinky/crazy people, in whatever I'm doing. Even bland story is hard to make when someone can't even spell a three letter word. I'm just very frustrated. I mean I met someone recently, and he's more or less more flaky than I'm accustomed to. And I can't seem to actually get an RP goin
  8. Well thank you Zhavi. It's really nice to meet you. I don't think I've ever done forum RP before. Is it like chat/MMO RP? Same deal, building a book with someone? I kind of envision it like playing chess with someone overseas via snail mail. And thank you for your support on the whole orientation thing. It actually means a lot to me. I don't really hide it, but I feel like if I don't make it clear, I'll continue to get a load of girls hitting on me. (Balmung, you know.. land of ERP lol) Ahm, actually I'm in the process of building my character. I have some bases down, but I think
  9. Hello everyone, I'm Misha. It's nice to meet you. I'm not sure where to start, but, I'll do my best. I came here because I met a very nice young lady in Duty Finder, and found she was on the same server as I was. We got to talking, and I had expressed my discontent at being able to find role players. I know, I'm on Balmung, you'd think I would be able to find something, right? Well, truth is, I used to role play religiously back in the day. (When Yahoo had private chat rooms) but things happened, and real life too priority. Now that things have calmed down, and I'm ha
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