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  1. Level One Limit Break: "Beneath Me" Lelith shows her opponent what she thinks of them in a rapid grapple intended to wound as much as humiliate: (At 0:35) Level Two Limit Break: "Omnipresence" Lelith puts her seldom used ninjitsu skills into overdrive. If Shukugi actually worked in combat offensively, I imagine it would go something like this: http://youtu.be/lSyyCX2rkIU?t=2m39s (At 2:39) Level Three Limit Break: "Long Kiss Goodnight" Lelith moves under cover of darkness to deliver one kiss, and a million cuts to put an end to the fight. Not entirely unlike this: http://youtu.be/rlFnW97s298?t=1m6s (At 1:06)
  2. Character Name Lelith Commorragh Theme 5L_gOBfGl2A Stage Description The Underground Arena - A literal underground hollow, circular with dark stone walls and a polished black marble floor. Torches line the walls at equal intervals, their flames controlled somehow to rise and fall with the course of the battle, the polished floor reflecting the light up at the combatants. Shadowed spectators can be seen in the elevated stands cheering, jeering, and enjoying the spectacle. Moveset Description Lelith is a fast-and-light fighter. Extremely mobile with long combo chains relying on the use of twin daggers and rapid kicks with a strong close-range preference. Special Moves Special 1: "Look, Don't Touch" - Lelith fades (forward/backward/side) away from her opponent, avoiding incoming attacks during the fade, and reappearing in the indicated direction. Special 2: "Break the Furniture" - Lelith dashes forward, delivering a slide kick to her opponent's leading leg, knocking them to one knee. She immediately hops off the ground, leaping backward to land in a sitting position on her kneeling opponent's back before delivering a slash to the opponent's neck with one dagger while crossing her legs demurely. Special 3: "Long Kiss Goodnight" (Fatality/Instakill) - The screen goes dark, and the sound of a kiss is heard, followed by several silver trails of blade slashes. Light returns to show Lelith either whisper something into the opponent's ear, or kiss their cheek, at which point they collapse. Intro Quotes General 1: "Don't worry, dear, I'll be gentle." General 2: "Mmmm, this won't take long." General 3: "My, my, this should be...interesting." Win Quotes General 1: "Hmmnh..." General 2: *Condescending laughter.* General 3: "I suppose I wasn't all that gentle, was I?" Lose Quotes General 1: *Giggling.* General 2: "Well, well..." General 3: "Impressive."
  3. Adding a little character sheet here because I've always found this helpful! Name: Lelith Commorragh Race: Elezen (Duskwight) Sex: Female Age: Adult, appears youthful Height: 6'4" Weight: 148 lbs Hair: Red Eyes: Violet Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Profession: Noble, gladiator Political Affiliation: None Description: Tall, lean, with deep red hair that accentuates her starkly pale skin, Lelith appears something of a predator at first glance. Disdaining the bother of finding many and varied outfits, Lelith typically wears her gladiatorial costume, as few would term her garments as armor. Composed largely of carefully placed straps and pads, the shining black leather that composes her suit is deceptively strong, guarding what parts of her body most commonly face her opponents whether in a duel or a larger match. She is seldom seen without her twin blades, worn at the hip or strapped to her calves. Lelith's long mane of red hair is typically worn down, falling almost to her waist. A few strands are typically allowed to frame her face, though she occasionally marshals the whole of it into a single, orderly ponytail. She moves with an easy, natural grace, her leather armor making not a sound. Favoring little in the way of makeup, Lelith does typically paint her lips a deep crimson, so dark as to almost be black, and the occasional highlights around her eyes. Arrogant and superior, like many of her kind, Lelith exudes aristocratic detachment wherever she goes. Regarding much of what happens around her as a spectacle arranged for no other purpose than her own amusement, her ego makes itself known in every word and motion of this haughty Elezen. Her selfish pride makes her something of a terror to the servants of her household, of which she has been mistress for quite some time amid rumors that she sped along her parents' deaths to hasten her ascension. What is not in question is Lelith's skill in the gladiatorial arena. Despite an outfit that exposes an almost alarming amount of skin, and a near-suicidal preference for fighting with twin daggers as opposed to more common weapons that might take advantage of her height and reach, she has been a fixture in various arenas without so much as a scar to show for it. Frequenting large arenas as much as the quieter, more exotic arenas reserved for the private attentions of Ul'dah's wealthiest merchants and noble houses. In these arenas of excess and more extreme violence, Lelith is a welcome and even sought-after presence. Recently, perhaps grown bored of the arena, Lelith has turned her attentions out into Eorzea at large. Putting in only token appearances at her favored arenas, Lelith has taken to exploring the known world and searching it for what challenges it might provide.
  4. I. Basic Info Characters: Lelith Commorragh Primary character: Lelith Commorragh Linkshells: None (Newly transferred) Primary RP linkshell: See above [*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Heavy Views on RP combat and injuries: Fine, as long as it's talked about beforehand, makes sense, and is reasonable given the circumstances. Prefer to avoid RP combat with PCs where possible in principle, but am willing to do so when we can discuss it so that it plays out fairly. Views on IC romance: Prefer to avoid it, barring circumstances where long-established characters naturally get to this point. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Something I'd consider as a possibility depending on the direction and purpose of the RP. Views on lore: Lore is a guide and the lens through which we should view our characters. It should be adhered to wherever our knowledge of it makes it possible, but as with most lore, we bend and play with it to fit the world that our RP creates. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): All chat is good! I tend to remain IC in most chat modes unless it's a specifically OOC linkshell, or it's a clearly OOC venture. In any other circumstance I try to use double parenthesis to denote OOC text. [*] III. Other Info Country:US Timezone:GMT -5 [*]
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