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  1. Level One Limit Break: "Beneath Me" Lelith shows her opponent what she thinks of them in a rapid grapple intended to wound as much as humiliate: (At 0:35) Level Two Limit Break: "Omnipresence" Lelith puts her seldom used ninjitsu skills into overdrive. If Shukugi actually worked in combat offensively, I imagine it would go something like this: http://youtu.be/lSyyCX2rkIU?t=2m39s (At 2:39) Level Three Limit Break: "Long Kiss Goodnight" Lelith moves under cover of darkness to deliver one kiss, and a million cuts to put an end to the fight. Not entirely unlike this: http:/
  2. Character Name Lelith Commorragh Theme 5L_gOBfGl2A Stage Description The Underground Arena - A literal underground hollow, circular with dark stone walls and a polished black marble floor. Torches line the walls at equal intervals, their flames controlled somehow to rise and fall with the course of the battle, the polished floor reflecting the light up at the combatants. Shadowed spectators can be seen in the elevated stands cheering, jeering, and enjoying the spectacle. Moveset Description Lelith is a fast-and-light fighter. Extremely mobile with long combo ch
  3. Adding a little character sheet here because I've always found this helpful! Name: Lelith Commorragh Race: Elezen (Duskwight) Sex: Female Age: Adult, appears youthful Height: 6'4" Weight: 148 lbs Hair: Red Eyes: Violet Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Profession: Noble, gladiator Political Affiliation: None Description: Tall, lean, with deep red hair that accentuates her starkly pale skin, Lelith appears something of a predator at first glance. Disdaining the bother of finding many and varied outfits, Lelith typically wears her gladiatorial costume, as few would term he
  4. I. Basic Info Characters: Lelith Commorragh Primary character: Lelith Commorragh Linkshells: None (Newly transferred) Primary RP linkshell: See above [*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Heavy Views on RP combat and injuries: Fine, as long as it's talked about beforehand, makes sense, and is reasonable given the circumstances. Prefer to avoid RP combat with PCs where possible in principle, but am willing to do so when we can discuss it so that it plays out fairly. Views on IC romance: Prefer to avoid it, barring circumst
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