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  1. The Midnight's Envoy an Adventurer's Guild, Explorer's operation center in the goblet. The company is based in the goblet ward 11 plot 19. Location: The Goblet Ward 11 Plot 19 For more info contact Zansetsu Winterblade Discord: Winter#6624 Melmia Haragin Ori Malaguld Ashenne Hacin Megetu Kagon H'poke Tia Discord:Hpoke#2760 Website: WIP. We can be found on discord! https://disc
  2. Good morning! I would be more than happy to welcome you two aboard and do IC interviews. The envoy is a sanctuary for refugees and for defectors. We also specialize in helping people escape from Garlean controlled areas. My name in game is Sid Malaguld in game. I'll be on and off today, but feel free to dm me or send me a /tell. Also we have a discord! https://discord.gg/5eYEfzW there is a 5 minute verification period when joining, but I am always on the server even during offline periods.to add in we are always looking to fulfill our ranks with couriers and support around the hq.
  3. The time has come and the Free Company formerly known as the Maelstrom ExOps has re-branded to the Black Arrow ExOps. We are a company built on the basis of exploration and helping throughout the realm! Need a job done we have employees from almost any field available and ready to help. Feel free to visit us in the Goblet Ward 6 plot 41. We can assist with just about anything. Now Hiring adventurers and Support staff. Contact the proprietor Fox Winter or any of the Arrow's staff for more info.
  4. We are a Medium to Heavy RP Rank 8 FC with housing in the Goblet (ward 6 plot 41). We are a group of explorers and adventurers dedicated to aiding Eorzea.We are an FC that also holds an OOC network LS and an IC LS. We host events in compan. We are looking forward to meeting with other FC's and LS' s throughout Eorzea. Any questions or info on how to join /t Alexandria Miraudont, PM me on here or visit explorereorzea.guildwork.com
  5. The Adventurer's Respite in Ul'Dah welcomes all Adventurers to stop in for it's Tavern night Thursday @9:30pm est til ??. Next night open is 4/30 We are located at the Goblet ward 6 plot 4. Stop on by For cold drinks, food and friends! Melaina Aurora
  6. Thanks, I will be definitely in touch, looking forward to it
  7. Greetings fellow adventurers, I am glad to finally get a chance to join in the fun, I just recently returned to FFXIV from a 3 month break and have been around catching the cool stories and RP that has been goin on around Eorzea. I was a long time FFXI player and made the jump to ffxiv during beta but got stuck on another server rather than besaid, I remember all the fun scenarios from FFXI and am looking forward to jumping into the new ones on XIV. I role a couple of chars. Tallusia Winter being my main(it's somethin a lil different for me as I have always run male chars.which are much
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