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  1. Hello, and welcome! I'm new here myself. But we can be friends, right?...RIGHT?
  2. Hello and thank you for both of your interests! Currently, I don't want the consultant firm to be limited to one character for sidekick. But I was thinking of founding an actual consultant firm to connect and wire various of Roleplays for other linkshells and characters. If you have any good idea to contribute, that would be awesome! As for Nalerius, he's witty, generally calm, but can be quite hot headed and outspoken. I think we can mix and match different type of personalities to perform an ideal style of RP that is similar-yet-unique for the Hildibrand theme.
  3. Nalerius


    Thanks all! I'm mostly around the Asia timezone (GMT +7) Since I am an American living abroad. It's hard to catch people on sometimes when I'm home from work
  4. So I'm starting up a comic-relief RP series and arc - sorta like Hildibrand and his sidekick. My character is a foreigner to Eorzea and he's trying to start up a consultant firm (Ranging from providing contract, legal consultant, detective, etc). My character is Nalerius Scarletton. I'm on GMT+7 timezone. Hit me up in this thread if anyone is interested
  5. Aww, what happened? I hope you'll get better! Me and my signature aviator shades.
  6. This is Nalerius. His favorite hobby -- gazing the stars in the evening.
  7. Nalerius


    It is still a lovely game nonetheless! Just have to get use to the speed in combat. ^^
  8. Nalerius


    Thanks! Even the game has improved greatly... I still kinda prefer the old combat system. Now it seems like World of Warcraft plus Michael Bay special effect. Haha.
  9. I try to make my Manqo'te to matches my look. But eh, obligatory Asian tax:
  10. Nalerius


    Hello everyone~ I'm a returning player here from 1.0. Wow! Everything have changed a lot! Hopefully the RP community in FFXIV is still good as it once was in 1.0
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