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  1. Hello, I started in ARR on Gilgamesh hoping to find some RP on the non-legacy server. Unfortunately for me I never found a good home to RP, and just after 2.1 dropped, I wandered away from the game. The intoxicating lure of Triple Triad has brought me back to the game, and I want to try once again to find a home place to RP. New Server, New Appearance, and New Name for my character, and hopefully new Free Company and New Linkshells. Because of my irregular work and sleep schedules, ideally I would be looking for a FC or LS (or two or three) that maintains a moderately sized group of people online over large parts of the day, as opposed to one that's heavily populated only at specific times. Addendum: I am catching up on a year worth of content as well, so hopefully I can get plugged into a group of RPers that doesn't mind pointing me around and helping me with some of the content I've missed. While I've never been interested in being cutting edge, I tend to wander around somewhat behind, trying to have most content open even if I'm not doing things like farming it for the best possible gear.
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