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  1. I have two kinds of dreams, both are weird. The first kind are the ones that actually symbolise what's going on right now in my life. Recently I lost a friend because of my stupid forgetfulness and they yelled at me on skype with insults and left. Last night I dreamt of a world where ghouls exist, but concious ones who still think and act like living humans but they possess a unique power. Tokyo Ghoul much? I was just a regular human and I was trying to keep away from the ghouls because seriously those guys are scary when I find my now-former friend and she just attacked me right away screaming things I couldn't understand. After running around and trying to avoid getting hit, I don't have the heart to hurt anyone irl made me just run, I eventually got my neck snapped and I woke up. These dreams oddly make me super aware of pain and I tend to wake up sore if I get hurt in the dream because I fricking roll around and do Tekken combos in my sleep. I'm currently suffering from a sore shoulder. Thinking back on it now, the entire thing really explains my uneasiness and fear of that person. I'm afraid of them attacking me again over something so minute and I am a weak hearted person so I can't do anything against something so powerful. The second kind are the déjà vu dreams. If I'm really, really nervous I end up sleep walking and I dream of normal life things. Most of them I actually forget, to which I'm trying to work on remembering, but on most occasions what I was doing in that dream is really similar to the day I have after the dream. Problem is I tend to forget the dream so I always have this moment of "Wait haven't I done this before?" and then be confused for the rest of the day unless I remember. If I do I just feel like some sort of psychic and I just carry on with my day.
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