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  1. I can't say that I would not entertain the concept of it. It would have to be done fairly well and I personally think it would have to be a build up to make it work. We've seen in game some pretty interesting spells and enchantments, so a novice at the craft could indeed get lucky and make the change without completely destroying immersion. Again though, these changes HAVE to be played down a fine line. As with any game I've RP'd in, it's one that is borderline metagaming. But, as far as the expansion goes- there will be at least one Au Ra on my character list. The race is interesting, though
  2. Thank you for the information and I will surely surely surely do what I can to get into any and all rp i can find!
  3. All I have to say to that is.... What color is the tophat and when can I expect it!
  4. This sounds like it could be a very good idea. I will definitely have to let the Mrs know of this!
  5. [align=center]This is a little something I wrote for my character, Battuuk A.K.A. The Black Calamity[/align] [align=center]With a spear in hand,[/align] [align=center]He travels across the land,[/align] [align=center]In pursuit of 'Her'[/align]
  6. Hello there. I am N'yra Stark in game. It is nice to meet you. I am new myself but still.. Welcome.
  7. That sounds awesome. It has been some time since I felt so promising about a game. And it has everything to do with the rp potential. I love it man. Genuinely love it.
  8. Hi there everyone. I'm only somewhat new to the game but completely green to the Balmung server. My wife and I are, actually. We came here because we'd heard that this was the bigger(?) roleplay server of the game. As we start to build our characters' stories, we're hoping to come across a nice little guild to start building a home with- as well as make some rp friends in a few linkshells. Now, as far as I go. I play most days from 9am to about 11:30am EST and again from around 11pm to maybe 1 or 2am. I'm off wednesdays and saturdays. I am a heavy roleplayer and love any and every type o
  9. Thank you very much for your welcome. And also for your information. I'll take a gander asap.
  10. It was for myself and my wife back when we were seperated and had no means of getting to each other. : P Just LARP without the LA.
  11. Hello there everyone! I'm not really great at the whole first impression speech thing.. So I'm going to by the template here. I promise I'm not really this cut and dry! I've played several MMOs over the course of the last 6 or seven years. I originally started with Perfect World International. I played that with my wife for about 3 or so years.. Then migrated to Forsaken World. I dabbled with Tera quite a bit while bouncing on and off PWI private servers as well as GW2's Tarnished Coast server. I originally tried FFXIV but had to quit do to computer issues. Spent the last year
  12. Aya, you are awesome! I'll just have to broaden my search! Thanks very much for giving me just a tad bit to go on.
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