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  1. So, here's the thing. I'd need to find a player-run inn/hotel/tavern that offer rooms that one can book for stay. Ruby Carbuncle used to be, but nowadays they're a trading company. I also saw some Red Rain Hotel, but according to the official website they don't have housing yet so I think I can rule that out. If anyone can point out such inns/taverns/hotels that are run by players, it'd be great.
  2. Hiya. So, I noticed that it's mentioned in your FC information that the Wanderer's Lantern is a tavern and an inn. Is it possible for anyone, even those outside of the FC, to book a room in your place? If you have any spare rooms for such. Alternatively if it's not possible, can you name any player-run inns/hotels? Ruby Carbuncle used to be, but was turned into a trading company and I've no idea what's the progress for Red Rain Hotel. Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm sure you will. I'm from Finland so EU times for me, but I'm sometimes online almost around the clock. We'll fix that at last, I swears! If not, I'll give you my address so you can come and slap me.
  4. Gil is gil, regardless of the source and she's not picky about who her marks are. 'Course, the wealthier you look... SHINY! Going after a fellow working girl is some sort of offense Looking forward to meeting you sometime! Going after anyone's money is an offense. I don't think the Rogue's Guild works in Ul'dah though? N'jassa isn't part of the guild anyway. She's just a pickpocket, not a rogue with a cause.
  5. Gil is gil, regardless of the source and she's not picky about who her marks are. 'Course, the wealthier you look... SHINY!
  6. Hallo. I don't usually make these kind of informative introductionary posts as I prefer to leave that stuff for RP, but I figured I should change that as I'm looking to get well-established in FFXIV roleplaying. And what I have in mind for my character relies heavily on the support and fairness of fellow roleplayers, so let's get started. The Experience I've been roleplaying for quite a while, 10 years or so. Earliest roleplay experience wasn't actually through any gaming but LARP(live-action roleplaying) in 2005. I added MMORPG roleplaying to that the following year. World o
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