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  1. Hello! I wish I had an elaborate way to introduce myself like I've seen some of you guys have...unfortunately, that requires me already having my character fully constructed, and that is definitely NOT the case. >.> Anyway! I recently (read: about 12 hours before writing this post) joined the Balmung server after playing my first couple months of FFXIV over on Goblin server. I've tended to gravitate towards RP servers in the other MMOs I've played (namely LotRO and SWtOR), so I thought I'd give it a spin here! Like I said, I'm still working on my character concept, so anyone who can help with that as well as provide general RP funtimes will be greatly appreciated! As I just rolled this Conjurer, I'm pretty much stuck in Gridania for the moment, but I will try to make that less of an issue as quickly as possible.
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