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    Thanks, and I definitely think I'll take you up on your offer sometime soon! I'm still working on fleshing him out, though I've got a pretty good idea of how I'd like to deal with the magic stuff. I've always been a fan of worlds in which magic is a somewhat more limited and dangerous(perhaps even more so for the user than those around him) power, something unpredictable and difficult to control. I unfortunately haven't been able to find a whole lot in regards to the way aether works in FFXIV, but I've at least got a general idea and am surely taking some liberties. If there's any good, solid source in regards to magic that I've managed to miss I would be ever so thankful to anyone who would be kind enough to show me I'm thinking Alir will be somewhere in the middle in terms of strength/ability as a thaumaturge starting out, and one plotline I'm currently set on doing at some point is him experimenting with and going down the road towards black magic. So his use of it will be... Well, he definitely isn't going to overuse it. Perhaps he'll even have a somewhat limited pool of aether to use, that might be interesting. It'll be used when its needed, though from an IC perspective hes one for experimenting and pushing his current boundaries, which makes him a bit more liable to accidentally make things go boom. I'm really looking forward to trying out something new with all this, I've spent so many years roleplaying and never really got into the magic side of it all. Thought it was finally time for me to try something new. Having fun brainstorming right now, got a super skeleton of a wiki put up for him, a place to put down ideas as much as anything concrete right now though.
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    Certainly! I'm always up for meeting new people, especially if it means RP Feel free to add me and shoot me a tell if you see me on! And here ya go, one fresh Thaumaturge (Couldn't figure out how to make the pic actually appear here) Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome, hope to see you all in game soon!
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    Hi everybody! New to FFXIV, and though I've only been playing for a couple days I'm really enjoying the game and community so far. Plenty of experience RPing in other MMOs though, and I'm really looking forward to getting involved with the community here. Decided to go for a change of pace character-wise and write up a spell flinger for the first time, so do forgive any oddities in regards to that flavor of RP if you see me in game. Not a whole lot to say, really. Just glad to have found a game with what seems to be a pretty active and solid RP community. Cheers!
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