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  1. How I see Gem. How my FC sees Gem. How my friends see Gem. How Wendy sees Gem. How the community sees Gem.
  2. Ah, but therein lies the rub. Does one keep Dragoon skills once they part with the Soulstone or do they go back to being a Lancer? ..... The answer is Lancer but if someone wanted to RP it that way I'd probably shrug and look the other way as well. If that were the case, though, every trainer NPC would become a 'gladiator' or 'marauder' after parting with their soulstone but we see that's clearly not the case. They retain their Job specific skills.
  3. Then the easy answer here is to say that your character was, at one point, a DRG. Because so long as you held a soulstone at some point and learned those skills, they stay with you. As is the case with all NPC trainers who pass on their stone to you. Just means that characters can't be actively serving Dragoons.
  4. Do you suppose that this could mean that there are other Dragoons in the world? And that this is ONLY referring to Dragoons in the Order?
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