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  1. (Taken during Starlight, current front entrance to our building.) (Garden view and walkway to entrance) Winter's Wake is an Eorzean based Adventuring company currently housed out of the mists. We deal with any number of missions and ventures from tackling rogue airships to delving into ruins and investigating rogue voidsent. No job is too small so long as the coin is good. The company was born out of a small group of homeless adventures who through one deal or another were forced to make a home for themselves. After a long run of struggles we finally settled, forged a proper home in Winter's rest (See above), with this home we seek to house all adventurers veterans and fledgling within our walls. Training them and bringing them with us on a path to a better future. All are welcome within Wake so long as they promise to earn their keep and obey our creeds. Winter's Wake is a predominantly EU FC but we do accept NA members. Applications are received through https://wwrp.enjin.com/ Social rp is a given and occurs at least once a week either via events or just general meet ups. Plot based rp happens regularly via members own arcs or a guild storyline ran by myself (Kaitlyn Nelhah) or O'ray Tia New members are eased into the atmosphere via help from officers, tours of Winter's Rest and small group rp to help acclimatize if needed. Example event format based on current event campaigns. The members of Wake gather in the Shroud to investigate goings on in an ancient Gelmorran ruin, something has awakened below and roused the interest of scholars. An expedition team must venture below under the guidance of the combined force of the Conjurers and Thaumaturge guilds. During a mission to get pay withheld from us the company finds themselves aboard a colossal airship. Before any effort to discover the owner of this ship could be made the vessel takes flight. After several hours of searching yield no result the crew of the Winter's Wake realize they must find a way to survive this journey and get off the ship. As a pilotless automated airship steers them away from home. Interested in joining or simply want more information? You can contact me via Kaitlyn Nelhah#8062 on discord. Alternatively speak to Kaitlyn Nelhah, O'ray Tia, Adriane Vealamair or X'ana Rithi ingame. https://wwrp.enjin.com/ apply here and feel free to read some of our old stories.
  2. A few quick photos of the guild as a whole
  3. Many thanks to Rommie for making me a more serviceable header than just the base game one. One day i'll try and grab an artist or two to commission the company some better graphics but for now its low on the list. Let me know if I've missed anything you'd like to know about us otherwise thanks for reading! :chocobo: Edit: Almost immediately after making this my sweetheart members made us an improved logo. Thank you Syracusa <3
  4. [align=center]What is the Winter's Wake IC?[/align] A company born out of necessity Winter's Wake is an Adventuring and Mercenary based free company that is primarily Ishgardian aligned and based in the Twelveswood. Offering boarding, travel opportunities and fair pay, the company aim is to maintain an atmosphere of Brotherhood/Sisterhood for all those within her ranks. With a storied company history from even before its founding, the Free Company was made to take advantage of the adventuring opportunities in the more outer reaching lands of Eorzea. With the Dragonsong war and its aftermath providing endless chances for gold, glory and the forming of bonds. Despite coming from wildly varying backgrounds our membership have time and time again came together to support one another through hardship. Crossing blades and wielding silver tongues to overcome their obstacles. [align=center]What is the Winter's Wake OOC?[/align] We are a primarily EU based Roleplaying Free Company on the Balmung Server, we do however recruit non EU members both in the NA and AUS timezone's. While we cannot promise these members will receive our full focus we do our best to try and help them fit in and feel at home. Our aim for Winter's Wake is to be more than just a free company, but a gaming community. Using both our Enjin website and our Discord, Winter's Wake has grown from a collection of roleplayers on FFXIV to a solid growing group of friends both online and off. Conforming with this has never been a forced aspect of the company, don't feel like joining us for a few steam games or a quick round of your favourite competitive game? No problem. Perhaps you're an avid writer or artist? Well to that end we work to actively promote our FC artists, with discord channels displaying their work and forum threads dedicated to them. Our officer O'ray Tia runs the Winter's Wake Writing Challenge to encourage people to pick up their quill and try a new form of character development. [align=center]How can I get into roleplay with your Free company?[/align] We're always accepting contacts, relations or just random roleplay when we're out and about. Very rarely (with the exception of FC only Events) will we deny random world roleplay, in fact if you catch us in the open we'd encourage you to come up and join us. If you want to form something more than that with us then please get into contact with one of the officer team and we'll try and see what we can do/ come up with. We do not allow at present non FC members to stay in our IC Linkpearl though when it is in use for events we tend to offer temporary invites. However in order to arrange RP we have a Wake-OOC Linkpearl for friends, family and others who wish to get involved with the company but not join it directly for now. [align=center]Joining up/Getting into contact with us[/align] To apply to us please go through http://wwrp.enjin.com/ our enjin site, if you have any issues with this then you can contact myself ingame or on Discord, while you can get in touch with me here I do not actively check my inbox as often as I do these two. Kaitlyn Nelhah - Kaitlyn#8062 If I'm not around the rest of the officer team will be more than happy to answer any questions or issues. Flytia Dalyeis O'ray Tia Moxi Rayfall K'aila Riki We would strongly suggest that if you get a chance give our stories and journals a read, they are available on the website for non-members to have a look at.
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