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  1. The Calamity of years past has left family's torn and broken apart. Gridania was no different. For Keepers of the Moon, family means everything be even in that the Calamity granted no solace. So, begins this story, a story of a boy, Kryan'sae Shuga, fourth and youngest son of the Shuga family. The Calamity caused his family to flee to Gridania where they were unwelcome by the already suffering Elezen. The strife the family was forced to endure was too much and the family split all across Ezoera. The only one who remained behind was Kyran'sae. Despite being abandoned by his family, the you
  2. I just got through talking with Dhemitar and it was great for me at least haha. Real glad I found this rp forum.
  3. Well Mr. Sin you've made my day. Your post was exactly what I was looking for. I hope to run into you on Balmung someday! I've got the game installing now.
  4. I need some advice, on a few things. I'm thinking about creating a whole new character and dive into an rp environment on Balmung (I'll get on there somehow). I've looked up some naming "rules" and I've noticed Male Keepers of the moon are generally rarer than most. Also that lore friendly names follow the 1-10 off the mother's surname, so would a name like Kyran'sae Shuga be valid? (I know the sae=4 and its rare for more than 2-3 sons be around) But here is the main question I'd like answered, my hope for my character is to not be family-centered. I'm not sure if I'll go the orphan r
  5. Thanks you for the welcomes! Sweet I'll more than likely start downloading the game tonight and hopefully be playing sometime this weekend. I've read it may be hard to get into balmung but I have to keep trying. Since I haven't played in so long does anyone know of any LS/FC out there that are good for beginners?
  6. So, I'm taking a big chance here. I haven't played FFXIV since it was still new on the PS3- I'm debating wither or not I should install it on my new PC. I played a lot of FFXI when I was younger and I miss it. I was in a semi-rp small static and I'd like to capture that again. I hear Balmung is the place to go for that, and I wouldn't mind transferring my characters over there. SO here's to hoping I make some friends.
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