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  1. Hi there. As the title states, I'm looking to join a more active RP FC than my current one on my Miqo'te. I'm looking for a place that doesn't mind those newer to the FFXIV universe. I'm a long time RPer but my experience in FFXIV isn't vast. I'm very willing to learn, though. The theme/alignment of the Free Company isn't much of an issue as Jayley is a truly neutral character. I would prefer if housing was available though. Here's a bit about the character though: [align=center][/align] Jayley is a neutral, stoic and poker-faced arcanist who specializes more towards the ability to mend rather than fight (Although if need be, she can.) She prefers passive approaches to conflicts but is willing to do whatever it takes to get the desired outcome. She is an extremely private person, but despite this she is willing to aid others she considers comrades if she is capable of it. Her skills include managing finances, mending with spells, handling administrative work, and diplomacy. If there's any FC's out there interested or recruiting, please let me know here or in game? I'd love to chat.