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  1. Given the lack of signups, I'll be cancelling today's event. Sorry for everyone that wanted to come!
  2. The Sacramentum returns! This time, our target is Saint Shiva! How has she returned? Has the Lady Iceheart somehow survived, or have the Dravanians found a new host for their patron Saint? Regardless, she must be put to rest once more. Swear the oath, and earn glory known only to the heroes of Eorzea! (We'll have to suspend our disbelief in this one just a little, but I didn't want to just avoid the Shiva fight. It's too much fun to say that we can't do it)
  3. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Saraj is no longer in prison, is not under house arrest, and once she recovers from MORTAL INJURIES, will be capable of setting these events up again. I'll get a new post up sometime in the next week. If I recall, we had to choose between Wednesday and Friday as the new day for this stuff to avoid constant server maintenance interruptions. I believe Wednesday was the final decision for this one? Correct me if I'm not remembering this right.
  4. UPDATE TIME! I know this thread has been quiet of late, and there's a reason for that! Saraj is in prison! Literally! She got into a bit of a trouble, and hasn't been out and around of late because of that. So until she's free (If she ever gets free), she's quite unable to run the Sacramentum! Chances are, I'll be putting this event on hiatus for the Holidays, and we'll pick this back up in the New Year. See you all in 2016!
  5. Right, so, Square Enix has hit us AGAIN with monday maintenance. That said, the maintenance starts at 9:00 pm, which gives us exactly two hours to do the event. We can get it done in that time. Going forward, I'll be moving this event away from Monday. Monday seems to be Square Enix's preferred maintenance day, and I don't feel like being subject to their maintenance whims, which has hit three of these events in a row, and caused delays for two of them, again.
  6. We have a full eight, plus one in reserve! I've sent out messages to all participants with the meet-up location for Monday night. Ferus, you don't have to show up if you don't want to since you're not guaranteed a space, but if any of the seven who have their slots don't show up and you happen to be there, you'll get a space. I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!
  7. Someone PM'd me for the open tank spot before you, unfortunately, so I can't guarantee a Dark Knight spot. I've placed you in reserve. If you have another class, I can offer a spot for that, else if we don't get a full 8, you're more than welcome to come as your main class.
  8. How about right now? The Lord of Levin has returned! To those brave enough to face him, swear the oath, and earn the glory known only to heroes of Eorzea! (Was travelling this weekend, so this came a day late. )
  9. The Sacramentum - November 16, 2015 Target: Odin The Oathsworn: Tank 1: Saraj Malqir, Dark Knight Tank 2: Mister Mask, Dark Knight Healer 1: Reiner Dorn, Scholar Damage Dealer 1: Syf Kha, Ninja Damage Dealer 2: Tatsumi Hanateru, Summoner Damage Dealer 3: Toff Vaughnn, Monk Result: Victory!
  10. My apologies, I completely forgot to send out a meeting place last night. Last night was crazy, to say the least... In any event, yes, the meeting place this time around is Quarrymill, and we are still on for tonight!
  11. I've chosen to take you up on that offer, Reiner, so that we can sign up as many people as possible. Thank you for offering. Just a reminder, this is coming up on Monday! I know it's been delayed, and it's been a while since the signups were posted, but hopefully everyone shows up!
  12. Oh hey, Square Enix just announced the 3.1 maintenance. Guess which event it's going to impact? /sigh I'll be delaying this for a week. Again.
  13. The Sacramentum returns! The Dark Rider of the Shroud has returned to Urth's Fount, and haunts the forest once more. Swear the oath, and share in the glory known only to heroes of Eorzea!
  14. The Sacramentum - October 26, 2015 Target: Leviathan The Oathsworn: Tank 1: Saraj Malqir, Dark Knight Tank 2: Toff Vaughnn, Warrior Healer 1: Mirien Lahar, Scholar Healer 2: Reiner Dorn, Scholar Damage Dealer 1: Jana Ridah, Monk Damage Dealer 2: Mister Mask, Black Mage Damage Dealer 3: Adalhaid Rask, Monk Damage Dealer 4: Tatsumi Hanateru, Summoner Result: Victory!
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