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  1. Ophexis

    So few Roe?

    Roes are my favourite race, my first character is Hellsguard (But he's on Siren, so I can't really hang out on Balmung with him sadly!) And as my title will attest, I just dug and found as much lore as I possibly could just because I love them so much. Especially Hellsguard. I think they have a lot of potential, I'm just...a little bad at putting my thoughts in words so I'll just convey my enthusiasm! I remember when I got my hands on the CC, I scrolled through the races, and when I got to roegadyn....I was like yup. That's my thing. I'm constantly developping my roe, and he's very far from the 'big muscley guy' stereotype, and I love him very much. And I love all roes very much! (You can freely imagine me admiring every single roegadyn I come across) I also love the idea that my roe can give piggyback rides or carry people, have miqo'te perched on his shoulders, or a lala sitting on each shoulder. <3 So yeah if you play roe, feel free to imagine me giving you an internet thumbs up!
  2. Ophexis

    balmung U Tribe RP

    Hi, one of my alts is of the U clan, U'lamahni Khai! She's wandering a lot but she stops at Forgotten Springs once in a while. I don't know of any LS yet though! I remember a Nunh inviting me to one when I started out with this character but...I was too nervous and didn't join a the time orz I think I've been seeing more and more U cats lately, might just be me though!
  3. Ophexis

    Peeking out of lurker status

    Hi! I've been looking at stuff here once in a while and even made wiki pages, but I didn't have the courage to introduce myself, but I feel it would be more polite to finally say hello now! So overall I'm not really new to mmos (and absolutely not new to videogames in general), I've played from Runescape many years ago to a little Maple Story, some Global Agenda, APB and a month-ish or two of Aion. But FFXIV is the only mmo I've stuck with for so long. (A few months so far!). I've played and watched my brother play many FF games too other than ffxiv. I've rp'd for many years on french rp forums when I was a teenager, then after a break of a few years I started rp-ing again in english on tumblr. I can do all kinds of rps, from light to heavy, but I tend to stay in the light-medium range. I have four characters in the game. Towering Hound on Siren (big cinnamon roll), Pupuri Puri (very small cotton candy lala), U'lamahni Khai (U cat!) and Narangal Qestir (silent red grump!) on Balmung! And now some personal stuff I suppose! I am a *inhales* recently-graduated-from-college, cis lady, aromantic, canadian, 22 yrs old 3D artist. I love video games, drawing, collecting figures and dolls and game soundtracks. I have some bad social anxiety (and general anxiety too probably), which is why I hadn't introduced myself yet and why I'm not actively rping either, but I'm making baby steps (I can now do dungeons with up to two strangers!) with the help of friends. That said, I mean no offense if I don't reply to tells, says, interactions, or run away from people. It's just me not knowing what to do and either freezing or panic-running off! I'm better at this now, but sometimes I get taken off guard. ANYWAY that got REALLY long! Apologies and hi again!