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  1. So although this isn't something I would normally join, I am very grateful I did! The FC leader is incredibly dedicated to re-building this FC to its previous and probably known reputation and I for one am looking forward to being a part of it! Even if your character is not a fighter, just perhaps some from a slice of life aspect its doesn't matter, who can still gain friends and be a resident in our FC, make new contacts and perhaps learn new skills or develop your character more! And obviously if you are a fighter than you are more than welcome to train and fight under our fla
  2. So Im looking for some criminal contacts...ICly of course, if anyone know of any criminal RPers or even a Linkshell that would be awesome! Or if anyone would like to RP with my character for the same reason that would be awesome to! Im pretty lenient with all walks of criminality, my character isn't exactly morally tight. Any and all help is appreciated cheers!
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