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  1. Hi everyone! I'm Rin. I'm not too familiar with the forums, but when I found this corner of the forums I was high-key excited. I'm not a very great artist, but I very much enjoy drawing, especially when it comes to characters or stories that I'm very passionate about (aka FFXIV literally my life rn). So, thanks for stumbling upon my no-good animu art for whoever may be reading this.
  2. Hello Hello! I'm a fellow (relatively new) member on Coeurl! When I first started I was more absorbed in finishing the storyline so I didn't notice the how nonexistant the RP-scene was in our server, but now that I'm done with the story the lack of an RPC is rather disappointing. I couldn't get myself to transfer out of the server because of the friends I'd made in my FC though. So your post about starting up an RP-focused FC makes me happy! If you're still looking for members for your linkshell, I'd love to join! :')
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