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  1. I bought the game for £10 from the online store. It came with 30 days of game time, but I don't think I've signed upto a recurring sub yet. So I will try and take advantage of this. Thanks.
  2. This subject, or one that blend into this, came up recently in an GW2 RP discussion. There aren't loads of 'villains' as such, but there is quite a lot of criminals there. Muggers and that kind of thing. I've dabbled in criminal sorts, and it's been great when it works. Definitely something you shouldn't give up on. I've not had experience with the community yet, but the same principles apply in any MMO really... The character doesn't have to be evil at his core. Kingpin from the new daredevil series is a perfect example of this. He wants to heal the city, he loves it, but he's willing to go to extreme lengths to see this through. Your villain could be grandiose like this, but it's really up to you. If you play the character carefully, you can bring out his other qualities, other than the 'Muhahaha' side of things. If you're only trying to trick people or draw them into evil plots, a lot might shy away from RP'ing with your character. Personally I like my characters getting one-up'd and bested. (Failure is often more fun to RP than Victory in my book) and so will others, you've just got to find them, but if you're willing to RP legitimate things, maybe try employing people for legal tasks and this sort of thing, you can draw in more people, and they will be more receptive to you in other areas, OOC and IC. Your character doesn't have to be being a 'bad guy' all the time. He might just want a drink in a tavern! One of the reasons a villain as has been mentioned, is because there are so many 'heros'. But thing is, these heroes haven't had chance to show that IC, other than having tales to tell, they've often not had the opportunity to best a real life IC baddie. So this is their chance and they'll go full tilt to show they really are heroes, often stepping over you to do so. You just have to use discernment as to who you will expose yourself to. Play it smart is all you can do, some will slip through! Think hard about his end goals, especially if they are a big picture kind of guy. I've seen/found that the villain plots work best when it's not the 'baddie' trying to kill the 'goodie' If the villains objective is something more devious, and something that isn't life and death, he can succeed or fail without that being the end of the RP. Character death is often a powerful way to end, but it is an end, so make sure you're okay with what's going on. In the middle of the plot with other character, talking a little OOC is healthy as at least you have an idea about each others expectations. Often the villains have caused a lot of OOC trouble in my experience. This is often because, like the hero, they want to 'win', however you want to interpret this, sometimes even treating it more like pvp than RP. It's about winning and losing, rather than making a fun and engaging story. Personally I feel villains have to be open to the logical consequenses of their actions, as they are the ones normally initiating a hostile action that effects other players, they especially need to be able to take there own medicine. Sorry for the long post! Hopefully didn't repeat myself to much.
  3. Thanks for the replies! That's good to hear on all counts, I've a character on another server in the same server group as Balmung. I quite liked the game, and after hearing the RP is still strong, I've subbed. Once the 3 mandatory days before I can transfer is up, I'll swap over. Thanks again, looking forward to joining ya'll!
  4. Hey guys. I'm currently downloading the free trial to FFX14 and I'm really liking the look of it (Not sure why I've only just taken advantage of it) Anyway, I'm wanting to start 'right' as the main reason I play MMO's is for the RP, I want to start on the best server for RP. (I'm an EU player. UK time zone) Is there a Europe one, or does everyone play the same one? Also, is there a particular faction which is particularly more popular at all? Is the game still popular for RP? Is the free trial to limited for RP purposes, or is it still possible to get in contact with folks? I read you can't do PM's with the trial. And finally; is there any particular spots where I can find RP to dip my toes into? I'd like to get a feel for the RP and if I like it, subscribe. Thanks for the help!
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