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  1. And that children, is how the azure dragoon got a yeast infection. *ba-dum-psh*
  2. Oh for the love of...I will try to delete the double post when I get home. But on another note: WEAKNESSES. Do NOT make yourself immortal unless you have some serious weaknesses to go with it. Like..I can trap you in a butterfly net level weakness.
  3. Is this a troll thread? Entirely possible. However that doesn't negate the fact that a question was asked and that question might be shared by others. RPers can be an introverted lot so I would not be surprised if lurkers outnumber the outspoken. For those who might be reading this thread in hopes of an answer I will TRY to give you the best one that makes sense to, at least, me personally. Let's be real for a moment here: there's a pretty big stigma on vampires thanks to twilight and a number of other twists on the vampire dogma. So you have that stacked against you /including/ the simple fact that Vampires are not in game lore. True we have vampiric plants but remember this is a Japanese game so translation is a thing. Besides that rather clever point I'm afraid you don't have a leg to stand on lore wise. However that is clearly not the question here. The thread asked how it /could/ be made to work without breaking the lore too obviously. This isn't a new concept. People break lore all the time so they can shoehorn in their favorite kinds of rp.. Allagan robots, for example, are quickly becoming popular. Thats basically this question except, instead of vampires it's: how do I rp a robot? Not my cup of tea personally but hey, you do you boo. Anyway from the sounds of it you don't even want to rp a vampire. You just want to drink blood, be sexy, and impress that dude who rps a dentist. So I would personally suggest that first: drop the name. Just drop it. People will immediately shut down at the word 'vampire.' If you Have to use it be careful who you use it with. Second: voidsent. I cannot tell you how many people rp voidsent or being possessed by one or SOMETHING. So just do that except say your possession forces you to drink blood and gives you dark powers or something. I'd be amazed if someone isn't already doing this. They just have the sense not to say 'vampire' in a roomful of people suffering from twilight ptsd lol. That all said, you're still being lore breaky. However at least now it wouldn't be so painfully obvious. Even the most crazy rp needs to be lubed up with /some/ lore before you shove it down another person's throat!
  4. Alright, back on topic people! I'm really enjoying the discussion but lets keep it that way okay? Just a discussion on rping a 'villain' character. That's it. No more no less. Here's something to get folks back on tract: NPC's. I notice a lot of people who play criminal characters have a LOT of NPC's. On one had it makes sense, can't run a criminal empire without minions. On the other hand though when is it /too/ much? I knew one person who had a whole criminal enterprise that theyloved to lord around. However not one member of this group was an actual PC. So where do you draw the line?
  5. TWelp, his 'criminal cover' is that he's an Ishgardian who was exiled from his house after being caught helping a number of heretics escape Ishgard. One was captured and turned him in so now he's gota grudge a mile wide and hopes to find the specific heretics that lead to his discovery as a heretic sympathizer. He hopes doing so will get him pardoned and if not...well at least the bastards will burn with him. Above that is his Civillian cover. He's a civilian coroner for the Maelsrtom and is based in Limsa. Generally his job is to investigate suspicious deaths. He also helps hunt down any black magics that involve the dead such as necromancy, restless spirits, drowned...that sort of thing. This puts him in a good position to keep an ear out for any heretical magics. It also allows him to forge evidence and gives him firm grasp on the criminal justice system in Limsa. Sometimes he's on loan to the other City States when Limsa is feeling friendly but usually he sticks to La Noscea. As far as contacts go he does have a few. He's already sent a few other people who RP faces of Mercy after heretics but hasnt really done so himself. Like I said, my character focuses more on Intel then the actual assassination. However there aren't a whole lot of people who RP faces of mercy and the onces I dug up aren't on much, hence why I want to stretch out a bit. Let's see....other contacts include a courier and a healer. Npc wise he has the Faces of Mercy to work with however I would love to replace NPC's with actual PCs.
  6. *points above* that about sums it up. Though I haven't run into the issue of someone having too many powerful friends (though that is something to consider) I have been told upfront that no, my character can't really do anything. Which is fine, really. My character might be an ass but I'm not. It's kind of rude to kill off someone's character but again, as said, rock and hard place. How do bounty hunters get around this? I see a lot of people rping that.
  7. Hmmmm....considering all this I might make an alt. One who is more the 'bad guy just doing his job' while the other is all about that mustache. Its something to consider. Honestly I'm just enjoying the conversation ^^. Its interesting to read the viewpoints.
  8. Hi! I have a relatively new character I'd like to find some connections for! On the surface he has a normal, every day job. However, he also belongs to a rouge militia group called the Faces of Mercy. They are a lore based organization that can be read about in 1.0 quests. My character specializes as a 'cleaner.' He hides bodies, makes murders look like accidents, and gathers and provides information. In return he asks for intelligence on heretics in Eorzea and help bringing them back to Ishgard. And if you can't do that then coin works too. In short: He's a spy for Ishgard who scratches the underworld's back in return for a favor or two. This means I need quite the network if anyone is interested! Right now, I'm more concerned with making friends than enemies though the later is sure to happen eventually! Who my character can help: > Someone looking to hide a body or cover up a crime > Someone who can frame another person > Someone who can help you get a new identity > Someone who is very good at getting information > Helping someone lay low > Patching people up (though nothing too in depth. He knows how to shove a potion down your throat and pop your shoulder back into place. That's about it.) > Heretic hunters (So basically he's the side kick every good criminal needs.) What my character needs: > Bomb maker > Potion maker > A good healer who doesn't mind patching up a scoundrel or two. > Bounty hunters. Always good to have muscle. Who probably wouldn't like my character: > The Law > Heretics If you're interested please PM me in the RPC. We can hash it out there as I can't exactly put their name all over the RPC. Kind of defeats the 'secret spy' purpose. That said, I'm very careful with who knows what my character is. So please respect that. He's worthless if everyone knows he's a spy both ICly and OOCly lol.
  9. First I would like to thank everyone for their posts. Truly, it means a lot that the community has come together and offered help on the subject. It all certainly has given me some food for thought. The consensus I seem to be getting is: A) Don't be so obviously evil that your mustache twirls itself B) Don't throw it around that your character is on the darker side of things C) Be careful who you rp that aspect of your character with. There were a lot of other good points but these three seem to be the most agreed upon. That being said, If I can't twirl my mustache, talk about my evil deeds, or rp with any passer by ...how do I make rp connections? Maybe narrowing down the scope of the conversation will help at least my particular problem. My character is a villain but only to a select group. I rp a heretic hunter however NO ONE wants their character caught. I'm allowed to hunt them, harass them, but never actually catch them. On one hand I understand. Its basically a death sentence for a lot of characters. I don't want to put someone in the position where they have to kill their character for the story to make sense. On the other hand that makes me the worst heretic hunter ever lol. It's especially a problem because most seem to think my character will change his mind once they spill their tragic background. No, I'm sorry. My dude is hard core, hail Halone, Ishgard. He will not show mercy. If he catches you he will not let you go just because you claim to be innocent. So how can I work around that? Is there a LS specifically for making these kind of connections? So far Ishgard RP has been awesome but after reading this I'm kinda terrified to announce my character hunts heretics. I don't want to be branded a pariah by the community. I'm fine with being quiet. But I don't know how to do that AND make connections. Maybe post something in the RPC? Okay I manned up and put something in the connections bit of the RPC. *takes deep breath and forces self out of corner*
  10. That Guy


    Do you mean 'types' of summoners? There really isn't a 'type'. There's just one school of thought for summoning. We simply aren't entirely sure if it's an Ascian art or Allagan. What we DO know is that the art itself requires you to have defeated a primal or been in the presence of one's defeat. After that you use the residual aether from the primal in a ritual to summon an egi. Defeat the egi and you can summon one from then on. Some primals produce egis that are simply too strong for some people to summon. That's why summoning a Ramu egi doesn't work. (I demand we try with a mog egi). Summoners can get around this by channeling that primal instead, which is what dreadwyrm stance is. You can only do this for so long however, seconds at most. However mega flare is still awesome. Now, you could say that you can only summon one type of egi because...hey that's all you've beaten. I guess that would be a 'type' of summoner. Maybe you can use only an ifrit egi and develop some minor fire affinity as a result from being so attuned to it. Maybe that ifrit egi is stronger than the ifrit egi of someone who possess all the egis because you've had more practice with it. At least, that's the only way I can figure summoner 'type' within the realm of lore. I personally rp a summoner but he only has one summon as that's all he's beaten. He had to open a chakra point to access enough aether to summon the egi so the two are kind of intertwined for him. It's really no different than a regular summon - just a new way to go about it.
  11. I would also like an invite if that's alright ^^
  12. This is a discussion my friends and I have often. Because I'm still avoiding productivity, I figured I'd try bringing it here. How hard is it for rpers to rp 'bad guys?' I see a lot of Robin Hoods but very, very few 'true' criminal characters. At first I couldn't figure out why until a friend tried rping one. People do NOT like their characters being tricked. I didn't realize how much till a friend of my tried rping a 'villain' character. Even though Icly no one had any reason to be wary of him, oocly they saw that he was a criminal via his character tag. You could see the change in their rp when it was noticed. Suddenly the character would become wary of my friend, even though they had no reason to be so. Even the most naive PC's would get a 'dark vibe' from him and instantly be on alert. Occasionally he'd even get harassed by bounty hunter rpers even though he specifically put down that his bounty was based off a false aliases and to please whisper him for more information. It was ridiculous and he eventually quit the character because no one was able to separate ooc knowledge from ic. So I guess my question is, what do you do? I am really interested in playing a darker character but now I'm terrified because I don't want every hero in Eorzea treating them like some spam-able mob that's just there for their 'good-guy' to kick around. I don't mind them loosing every now and then. No one is so awesome they win forever. However I also don't want my character to be pariah because people can't keep OOC knowledge out of IC. Did my friend just have bad luck? Are their guilds out there designed specifically for this? Or will I just have to be careful about who I let know about my character's more darker aspects?
  13. I'll throw my two cents here since I have another hour before my next class and refuse to be productive. I always ask myself these questions: Can someone (Who is not an NPC but an actual character played by another person) kick your character's butt on a regular basis? Yes? Then you're good. Can someone kick your butt through skill alone, not by using some odd weakness? For example a lot of people make the mistake of saying 'my blind character's one weakness is his blindness.' Nope. Got to have something else. A handicap is not an excuse to remove all other weaknesses from your character. Can YOU beat your character at something? If a nerdy rper can out do some magical fantasy elf from Narnia then you're golden. Weaknesses aren't a bad thing. Neither is loosing. If your character always won they'd never learn something new and that means no growth or development. If your struggling to think of a weakness try personality flaws! If you're not sure which ones your character would have a really simple thing to do might be to try and take a personality quiz for your character. Might give you some inspiration.
  14. She could definitely have an accent. I'm from Canada but spent most of my life in America. However my parents are Canadian and because of that I carry their accent with me. I still say 'eh' and hold my 'o's' because my parents did. My accent isn't as strong as theirs but other Canadians always seem to pick it up. There are also cultural slips you can sneak in. Every area has a different way of talking. For example you'll find that Canadians use a LOT more sarcasm than Americans. Brits also have this really dry kind of humor. Americans, meanwhile, I find are a lot more bold in their word choices. They use 'love' more often than 'like' for example. And different cultures have different words. Your an 'idiot' in America, 'completely daft' in Britain, and a 'idio-sorry, that was rude' in Canada. Another good example are Germans. The word 'friend' is not thrown around easily. To be a 'friend' you have to have known that person for years and pretty much be joint at the hip. On the other hand, in North America you'll see us use that word almost daily. Our mail man is our friend, that guy you don't know the last name of but lets you cheat off his homework is your friend, your neighbor? Yeah, you're totally bros after he helped you break into your car that one time you accidentally locked your keys in. Now, lets put this in ffxiv standards. I imagine Ishgard would also be a bit more cautious with the word friend. However it is constantly at war, which would mean you might see them use a lot of military words. 'Comrade' for example, might be more common than 'friend.' I'm sure they would talk about duty a lot more as well. I can imagine them being stoic and conservative with their word choices. You'd have to be. Say the wrong thing and suddenly your being shoved over the witch's drop. *coughs* Sorry for rambling. I just love little details like this when I rp. Even if a large part of it is all conjecture, it adds a certain flavor to things that just makes them seem more real to me ^^
  15. I don't personally rp an Au-Ra but a lot of my friends do. Honestly, the bulk of them treat the dark scaled ones like miqo'te - as in tribal and somewhat feral. Considering that there is lore stating that a clan of dark scaled Au-Ra were killed by some Ishgardian knights you could easily say your character is seeking revenge. Or maybe they want to team up with the Little Ala Mhigans to help take down Garlamald and learn the ways of the monk. There's a lot of places you could go with it but it's all for not if you don't have the right people to rp with. Look around, try to meet some new faces and see if that doesn't help spice up your rp life. If you're worried its because you're playing a girl character (which I totally get. I'm a female player who loves her boy characters) then think about what would change if you made her male. If those changes are positive maybe you should make a male Au-Ra.
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