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  1. OoOooOooo neat. The only MMO I play atm is tera cos I can play it with my xbox controller otherwise I just play console games. (Bayonetta and tomb raider pwns!) The only MMOs i'm looking forward to are ARR and wildstar. ^.^
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    Art for ALL the people!

    cuute n_n
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    A girl called "Boy"

    Thank you
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    Home away from Home(Skype)

    Hey this looks fun! somebody should add me ^.^ screename dollyangelwings I'll try to add the ppl suggested earlier in the thread as well.
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    A girl called "Boy"

    Her struggle with gender identity and coming to terms with feminine strength are going to be main storylines with her. Not the only ones, I don't want her to become one dimensional or anything, but it's something I can relate to so i'm going to explore it in my RP :thumbsup:
  6. lol!! omg this is amazing! i'm so dazzled by your skills my mind is broken :surprise: :dazed: :thumbsup: this whole thread is too fun :love:
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    RL Pictures.

    Ahoy 8-) *updated pic. 1st on is from late last yr. n_n
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    A girl called "Boy"

    Thankies!! I hope my character gets along with many other awesome ppl! ^^ *whew* this is such news to hear! I just want some clothes that are actually clothes for her. She would SHANK ME prison style if I stuck her in a tiny harness or something so that's good plus I had to come out of hiding, ran out of ice coffee which forced me out into the light of day lurrrrr durr lol sorry it's still early and the coffee's not kicked in yet Yay! see, this is why I was brave enough to try. because I realized i'm not the only one who's just beginning. plus the vets are such helpful folk that it's really an ideal situation. :thumbsup: OMG can u say helpful??! thank u sooo much! this really gives me an idea of what I can do with my character's look. :chocobo::moogle: hehe i'm having far too much fun with these little emote smilies :tonberry: Thank you ^^ Thank you very much! I would really like to start reading comics again, but when I tried I found I had missed so much. Both in the comics as far as storylines and the business side as well. Their writers and such. I had no idea what is going on anymore. >.> plus the butchering done to my beloved xmen by Hollywood really soured me to the whole title. Since my mid teens I've been much more into manga which isn't a bad thing per se, just different. Give me classic age of apocalypse storylines anyday! and the dark phoenix saga is still the most touching love story I've ever read. I loved the Cyclops/jean grey/wolverine drama hehe it's soo FUNNY that' u mention joan of ark, she was actually one of my inspirations! Well, milla jovovich as joan of ark in The Messenger which I recently saw again with Aulairet. turr hurr You too! yay for nice people!! :thumbsup::bouncy::chocobo::love: Cookies you say?? *takes gratefully and noms* and I understand exactly what you mean, I haven't been hopeful about RP for along time it feels like. very exciting! :bouncy: hehe d'awww so adorable sorry I can't help it! im powerless against lalafell cuteness :lol: thank you very much! I can't wait to RP with u in-game ^^ This sounds a little too familiar. *standing up from his chair, the silver cross around his neck is clearly visible. He takes a small bow towards her* Welcome to the group. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask. My experience is mostly forum roleplay but I have gotten into in game-ish RP as of late. Oh? *gives a polite nod in return* Do you collect BJD's too? let's nerd out together if so! haha Arrgg matey! hehe thank you very much Thank you very much :angel: Athankya Ooo awesome I hope to! thank you very much ^^:roll: Ooo! do you collect BJD's?? *squee* how exciting, nobody in my RL friends does and they don't get it when I fangurl out over new sculpts or even just wigs and new eyes etc. lol I need some like-minded amigos 8-) aw yea Hehe yes I figured that I wouldn't be able to hide them completely in game. most games don't have very flat chested female characters. Actually, the syllvari in GW2 could be very petite but I just couldn't RP one cause I couldn't relate to their lore. /sigh but that's where imagination comes in to play! Yay Thank you for the warm welcome :geek::love::moogle: :moogle:
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    A girl called "Boy"

    Hello everyone. So i must admit that this introduction may be slightly overdue (yes, I've been totally creeping your forums here and there for a day or two *cue the thunder and lightening* muahahahaha! ) but i've been a bit apprehensive to throw my hat into the ring, so-to-speak, mostly due to my stark lack of knowledge of A: the game and it's lore. I've not gotten the chance to play the 1.0 version and am scrambling to catch up; and B: People. Everyone already seems so close-knit, with such well established characters and relationships that it's very intimidating for someone like me who is starting from square one. On the plus side (HUGE plus), everyone also seems to be very well-versed and helpful to newbies such as myself which is the primary reason i decided to even attempt to join in. That, and the urging of my best friend and roomie who is already a member here. So here i am! yay! ^.^ A bit about my gaming history I grew up playing video games. From when i was little i was super into comic books (X-men ftw!!) and video games. I loved fighting games like tekken and soul caliber as well as RPG games like Secret of Mana and Chronotrigger. I'm not as experienced with MMO's by any definition however. I've come to find that i'm very picky about MMO's for some reason. I've tried many of the big titles and a few smaller ones, but ended up quitting due to bad graphics, poor/limited character design, undesirable controls/interface, bad game support, the in-game community, or a combination of those examples. I suppose the ones i stayed with for any significant length of time were WoW, Aion,Tera and GW2. In that order as well. RP history I wish my RP history was as extensive as my gaming history. I never played any sort of table top RP games, didnt' even know they existed until finding out about vintage D&D while playing WoW. Until then i thought that D&D had always been a video game. I know, I know. Dont' throw rocks at me. And the in-game RP experience i have is just a pitiful. My first venture into the RP world happened while playing WoW, which was just awful. A friend who already played WoW as well as RP'd had told me about it and made it sound so great. And even now, the idea of RP in-game and RP in general is very attractive to me. But i haven't found any good RP since GW2 sadly. Well, Aion was also very good in the beginning. Aion is actually my favorite game ever as far as MMO's. I loved the lore, the graphics and char design, the storylines, the music, everything. But alas, that game has gone to pot and none of my friends play anymore. /shrug I still play GW2 some, but mostly am sticking to my trusty xbox games until launch. I need RP xp like nobody's business! I am so hopeful with this community though, which is something i haven't had since Aion. I really hope this one lasts. Ideas for my character So after some sleuthing and gumshoe-ing (yea, that's totally a real word) wikis and forums and such I think I have a basic idea of who I want my first/main (probably only) character to be, but please keep in mind i have alot more lore homework to do. I know for sure I'm going to be playing as a Midlander Hyur female. In a nut shell, she's going to be very tom-boyish and rugged. In fact, i'm hoping that the in-game armor for females isn't very skimpy or revealing or that there's at least some skins that are more masculine because she likes to dress as a male. She even binds her breasts down with linen bandages to give a flatter chest appearance. She does this because when she was younger (she'll be approx. 17yrs old in-game) she joined a band of either pirates or thieves who mistook her for a boy, which she went along with for safety. She also has problems with equating femininity to weakness. Mostly due to her father and her childhood which i won't get into here. So do you think there's room in Eorzea for such a character? Will i be stuck wearing a leather bikini or studded pasties and a thong whilst battling the big baddies and looting the high seas? I sincerly hope not. Or else it's back to that blasted drawing board. Me Although I've already given quite the little autobiography I suppose a little info about me in the present is relevant. Currently, I live on the west coast with my boyfriend, roomie/bestie Aulairet, and my two little dogs named Oliver and Bella (they're papillions *squee*). I go to makeup school in hopes of becoming a special fx makeup artist eventually. And I also love to read manga and collect BJD's. Those are ball-jointed dolls.. they scare me at night.. so yep, still a big ol' nerdy nerd nerd. Yay! ^-^ Alright! we made it! We're on the home stretch here. I just want to wrap this up with a big THANK YOU for reading and hello in advance to everyone!