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  1. ICly wouldnt it be 6 years now?
  2. Iseia

    Hi all.

    Welcome! I too hope you find our community fun and delightful!
  3. player made emotes were already put in though ; i was able to do them with /em unless you mean motions that are visible then i think that will be a bit too difficult to code
  4. I play Violin and Piano but i havent played in a while so im probably rusty
  5. there should be barber shops coming out so you can change your characters hair anytime you want though
  6. sounds interesting ; I suppose i could use a picture for my wiki since i dont have one yet Iseia Windsong as for a flower... lets see Iseia is a bit siple yet has a air of elegance so if she was to relate to one i suppose a white lotus? (alot of that probably is just gut feeling since its my personal favorite ) heres my wiki http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Iseia_Windsong
  7. i have years experience in RP so i don't mind helping out anyone whom has questions.
  8. I know for fact LOTRO has a vast rp community as well as servers for it. I dont play that so much any more though my brother rps on it quite alot
  9. hahah thank you for the happy birthdays
  10. Hello to you all! Ive been digging through the forums for FFXIV for a long time now since it seemed really interesting and sure enough it had one of the requirements I look for in a MMO! Truth be told I'm actually awestruck by the vast community that is here and it only gets me excited to meet you all. Ive been playing MMO's for about 9 years now and been rping for 8. I quickly learned that not only does rping make a game seem endless, it brings you to good people. So, guess I should let you know a bit about me. 8-) RL my name is Jenoko. IG you will see me as Iseia Windsong, Ive used this character in many games trying to find role players but most times to no luck. I do work full time at a night-time daycare so my hours are a bit wacky and may not get to play as much as I want. (basically 4PM-1AM :frustrated:) So a bit about Iseia Windsong perhaps? I use this as a base for my character personality, appearance and background (then add on more when I learn more lore) Name: Iseia Windsong Gender: Female Race: (generally is made human or next closest thing) Appearance: An albino woman. (white/silver hair - Red eyes) She has pale skin and her hair is quite long. Her clothes seem to be well tended yet simple unless the situation required different attire. She holds the appearance as though a Scholar. She appears to be in her early 20's / very late teens Personality: her personality is quite difficult. Her alignment is Lawful Neutral. To those she is either not comfortable with or simply does not know, her act is defensive. She tries to pry any information from the other in attempt to end a debate in her head of if they are trustworthy or not. She is however always more than happy to provide information if asked(more so if they are trust worthy). In the event she gets taken off guard, She becomes quite Timid, Nervous, and embarrassed for loosing her composure and would scramble in her words trying to rebuild her defense. To those she is either comfortable around, or befriended, She does not feel the need to raise her wall of defense. She would appear more relaxed and more playful as well as much easier to throw off guard. I have yet to devise a backstory for her for this game as I have yet learned enough of the lore to be confident in doing so. However the most basic and used backstory for her is that her father was a nobleman whereupon her mother was simply a traveler. at a young age she traveled with her mother till eventually the father decided to have her be taught privately as the simplest way to deal with her. Thus because of this, she became well learned and as she came of age, became a scholar setting foot to learn everything and anything she can till she can find a specific area of interest (that main interest varies game to game depending on how she developed) Other info - Because of her personality, Ive deemed that her becoming a mage of some sorts is the best path. also as a side note, please understand that I change the character profile from game to game mainly the characters personality. (i tend to keep the appearance) this all depends on the lore and the games overall setting so that her personality is suited for the setting at hand. If I missed anything please whack me and tell me what I missed >.<; otherwise if you have questions or just want to comment, feel free to let me know! (dont whack me then though!)
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