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  1. You may know the Drunken Moogle from our regular events. But the Drunken Moogle Free Company is only very loosely tied to the pub. Effectively the Free Company itself is an OOC construct. If your character wants to tend bar here; you don't have to be an FC member. Similarly, even if you don't RP at all we are still happy to consider you. But if you want to hang out with us, go on some map runs, do few dungeons and otherwise just have some fun then we might be a good fit for you. Of course it's particularly nice to have members that will build up the role of the Drunken Moogle as hub for Open RP. Check out our rules below and contact either Bex'li Nelhah or Meela Jakkya in game. Or if we're not on (or on one of our alts) you can send us a message through Tumblr. http://drunkenmoogle.tumblr.com/ 1) Due to the topics of conversation we have, there is a strict requirement of 18+. 2) Okay, it's not big and it's not clever, but we do sometimes talk about Bad Dragon or similar things and that's not everybody's taste. We're not rude ALL the time. But we don't plan to change and that might make people uncomfortable. You can decide how you feel about this yourself. 3) We are LGBT+ friendly. We have a lot of members which fall into these groups and if you're not 100% okay with that, we're not the place for you. 4) No Racism or sexism or any of that. I'm reluctant to put a rule that just says don't be a dick, but that pretty much rounds it off. 5) If you're an FC member then how you conduct yourself in public reflects on us. In short, don't do things that will make us look bad.
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    Drunken Moogle Bar Nights Saturdays 4pm - 7pm EDT (9pm - Midnight UK time) Balmung - Lavender Beds - Ward 12 - Plot 33 A chance to meet someone new, or maybe just some familiar faces. Music, food, drinks and games all in a welcoming atmosphere. Menu
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