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  1. Fun way to round out a character! Thanks for the links. :>
  2. These are amazing! I wish I were this good at my hobbies!
  3. ^What Kitty said. *o* And I like how you do hair and colors!
  4. Helloooo! I like your signature. Simple and elegant! Welcome to the RPC! :>
  5. Hilarious idea! I support this
  6. purpleplatypus


    Welcome to the RPC!
  7. lol Arlon. Welcome, Setsuya! See you in-game
  8. Welcome to the RPC, Mya! Looking forward to reading about and meeting your character in-game
  9. Hi Maes! Welcome to the RPC.
  10. Welcome Poe! Will totally hit you up for RPing/running quests together if I see you in-game!
  11. Welcome to the RPC, Jeanne! Hope to see you in-game!
  12. Welcome to the RPC! Definitely excited for launch. See you around!
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