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  1. I found myself doing a slow double take when I sat up in bed in the morning. Under the sheets of the bed I could see the curved shape of her figure while her fire touched red hair splayed itself over the pillow. The swell of her breasts rising and falling with every breath beneath the night shirt she wore and pale skin seemed to be illuminated though no light filtered into the room. Red and right now she was my Red. It was a bit mind boggling how this came about and the suddenness of it all. It began with her calling me over while a friend of hers and she spoke to each other regardin
  2. I couldn’t help but think if I really wanted to be here once more. Already an inkling was telling me that First Flame Lieutenant Greaves didn’t send for me to visit his lovely and bubbly office for a friendly chat about the latest gladiator match over tea and cakes. Not that I am a fan of either but a little alcohol mixed in that tea sure wouldn’t hurt to turn this meeting into something more than a pain in my arse. I had went through a sequence of thoughts on my trek to the officer’s office to trace back what had been written in my reports regarding the missing weapons. Once satisfied I raise
  3. Kaelivh remained on the beach for a time after Gal’s departure. His gaze was cast ahead, riding along the currents of the waters spread out before him like a blanket upon the world. In his right hand he held the metal flask that he rose to his lips. The pull he drew from the flask sent the alcohol down his throat accompanied by a slight burning sensation. At this point he had grown numb to that feeling and almost welcomed it every time. “Yeah, but I got shi
  4. Greetings and welcome aboard. Very nice intro you put together there and happy to have you along for the ride.
  5. As Liadans whispered (see what I did there?), you have options in servers which is always a good thing. Hopefully you find a setting you can call home and find your place within the community for your future enjoyment. Look forward to seeing you around and welcome aboard. Oh and don't worry. Some of us are ancient roleplayers too from good ol' WoW *smiles recollecting his fun time with Onyxia*
  6. Greetings and welcome aboard. There are pockets of roleplayers scattered on several servers but the more active populations appear to be Balmung and Mateus for NA and Omega for EU. Balmung has a strong pulse here on the site though it is open to all servers and roleplayers so you'll see post from various servers that will be tagged for identifying purposes. Mateus, like stated previously, centers mostly on Discord and still a pulsing and strong community as I bounce on it and Balmung currently. Again welcome aboard and look forward to seeing you around and some of those writing you
  7. Welcome to the world of role-playing in the Final Fantasy setting. Great amounts of information is located right here on the site that could be beneficial as you go along. Hope you have a great amount of fun out there adding another aspect to your gaming. Enjoy yourself.
  8. Welcome back. Like you I bounced back and forth, back and forth, back and...well you get the idea. I've been on and off again with FFXIV train that I am no longer a passenger but the conductor. With that said, I find the communities to be vibrant and strong and have come across some great individuals. Hopefully you will find the same and find somewhere to call your home out there to build new and better experiences. Have fun out there and welcome back.
  9. Heh, nice intro and no worries on the rambling. Of course I say that because I tend to ramble myself and probably should consider building a union to represent us ramblers or at least a club with a secret handshake or something. In any case, welcome aboard and always happy to see others who enjoy writing and developing their characters. I have characters on Balmung and Mateus though currently focusing on Mateus at the moment so feel free to message or just say hi any time. Right now seems Ryuu Kaisoto is getting my attention character wise but still nailing things down in this noggin of m
  10. Greetings to you both and welcome back to Eorzea. Look forward to seeing you both around. I haven't joined a LS or FC on Mateus myself at this point so no recommendations from me. I will point out that the Mateus community is much more active via discord if you haven't joined their HUB's yet. Feel free to say hello or poke if you see me around. I tend to be on Ryuu Kaisoto on Mateus these days. Have a good one out there.
  11. Greetings and welcome aboard. I'm new to Mateus myself and hoping to begin getting to know people and such. It definitely looks to be a rather active server atmosphere. Hope you have fun out there.
  12. I have heard one called the Guilded Lantern. I'm not on the server but do have a friend who plays there and is a RPer so she may be able to get me a contact name if you do not find out anything else about them. Just let me know and best of luck out there.
  13. Just a shot while out at a restaurant and such.
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