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  1. That's pretty much part of the reason why my Mateus character, Daphne, goes by that name rather than the one she was born with as a Xaela (Boljigchi Qerel). She decided it was much, much easier to let others use a name for her that they could pronounce easily than spend the time trying to get them to pronounce her birth name properly. (Other part of the reason is that the isolationist tribe she was born to declared her dead to them when she decided she could do more good in the outside world. What better way to mark a new life than to start anew with a new name?)
  2. I saw the news earlier today and was saddened by it. I really enjoyed the series and he was a big part of that. May he ever walk in the light of the crystal.
  3. Managed to create a character on Balmung between 8 and 9AM PST, so some of us are getting through!
  4. Yeah, Mateus is the other RP server for NA. Balmung's been completely closed off since Stormblood's launch last year as part of SE's attempt at balancing server loads, but it's supposed to be reopened this week once the downtime is completed.
  5. I can't speak to Omega since I'm in America, but of the two RP servers there, only Balmung is truly closed off...at least until this week's downtime. After the downtime, I imagine it'll be more like how Mateus is now: new character creation restricted to off-peak times. You can still make the character, but you'll have to wait for times in the day that the server isn't quite so busy. A tip I have is that, if you're trying to create the character but it's still peak time and can't get the character in, save the character appearance data so that when things ease off a bit, you can simply relo
  6. I've played both genders in my decades of playing MMOs, but I would have to say that most of my characters have been female. Of course, there's the fact that they usually wind up looking better, at least in my eyes. However, there's also the challenge of playing a gender you're not, as well as getting an idea of how things are on the other side of the fence. As someone who's done writing as a hobby in the past, I also find it helpful in improving how I write female characters, though it's not always a perfect tool for that. It can be a bit tricky when it comes to ERP however. I've don
  7. Took this shot of my character towards the end of the Beach Party event on Mateus this evening! I liked how it came out. (edit: finally got a link to work!)
  8. Regarding Discord vs the forums here, I think part of it is that Discord also has mobile clients available that can make it easier to keep tabs on while you're away from the PC or PS4, or if you're a PS4 player, you can have it going on a smartphone or tablet while you're playing on the console. It's a bit more convenient that way. It is possible to read the forums on a smartphone, but you'd have to flip the screen to landscape and zoom in a bit to make it readable. However, I see the two as filling two different needs, as others have pointed out. The forums here are great for lore dump
  9. Thanks for the welcomes! It's been interesting so far retreading familiar territory (rather than migrating an existing character, I started from scratch, and just got to where Daphne crosses paths with Haurchefant in the MSQ), but being on a much more lively server makes it even more fun!
  10. After lurking for a while, it's time I've introduced myself and my character The Player: While I'm still relatively new to Mateus server (Daphne has only reached level 36 earlier in the week), I've been playing FF XIV since November 2013, mainly on Sargatanas. Before coming over to FF XIV, I've played several MMOs over the years, including EQ/EQ2, FF XI, WoW, CoH/CoV, and Guild Wars/Guild Wars II. However, I haven't done much in terms of roleplay since my WoW days, aside from some time on a MUSH or two. I've also played some tabletop RPGs as well. I started on Mateus not that
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