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  1. Thank you for the warm welcomes! I'm glad my character is being received well, I was super nervous it wouldn't be. xP Does anyone know if chocobo races can be spectated in the Golden Saucer? It isn't a big deal, but it would be kinda cool if they could be.
  2. I should be on tonight. If not then, probably a bit later.
  3. Hello! I'm brand new here on this site and Balmung. I just recently resubbed after being away for about a year and decided to stop being too scared to try RPing on FFXIV and transferred over. My character is currently a 50 white mage, but I'm going to be switching to bard probably. My character is named Ahsa Mhaazru, please feel free to /tell me or give me a wave! I'm in the US in CST. I mostly play during the afternoon and evening. -MMORPG background Oh man, I've played most modern MMOs. It'd be easier to list ones I haven't played. -RP experience I've RPed in table top games,
  4. I worry about making backstories that are good enough. Like, really really worry about it. >.< I work on them so hard, but end up scraping them over and over because I think they are too lame, or boring, or cliche. The past few times I've managed to finally get into the game to RP with people after making a complete character, I get terrified of other's reactions and never end up talking to anyone. I'm kinda pathetically insecure, heh. :roll:
  5. Thank you! That was really helpful.
  6. Hello everyone. I had a quick question about religious beliefs for Au Ra. Through the research I've done so far, I'vefound that Au Ra don't worship the twelve. But I can't find any more information other than theircreation myth involves the Dawn Father and Dusk Mother. Is there more information about this topic? And how religious are the Au Ra in general?
  7. Alerie


    I had an idea to play a Raen Au Ra character from a small mountain village who doesn't know much about the world. She would basically be a country bumpkin, more or less who has heard wild tales and thinks many wrong things about the world. (Example would be like Ul'dah has golden streets and is quite literally made of jewels. (Jewel of the Desert).) I'm still trying to learn about the lore, and I think this may help that as well as be fun. Would this idea work? Or is it overdone and cliche? Also, what should I look into for things my character would for sure know? I did already read up on Doma
  8. Alerie


    Thank you so much! You've all been very helpful. Oh, I forgot to ask another question. Is there an RP add on I should get? Like MRP?
  9. Alerie


    Hello everyone! I'm very new here,having just started looking around yesterday. (Or maybe the day before?) It's very nice to meet you all! I haven't gotten into RPing in FFXIVyet, but I would love to. I don't even have a character on Balmung yet, which I'm nervous about being able to do. Silly character lock. I haven't done a single bit of RP in this game at all, so I don't know the controls or any emote tricks, so I would love to be taught how to RP in FFXIV. I have RPed in MMO's and on forums before, so I'm not a complete newb. Though it has been a few years since I did any serious rol
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