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  1. Gah, seems impossible. Will Balmung accept all eight of my characters if I were to transfer? I was thinking about stalking the server in the wee hours, but it seems unlikely this season.
  2. Greetings everyone, I am Rudiford (pronounced Rude-ford) and it's literally my 2nd day playing the game! I got it during Black Friday but never actually started playing until now! As a huge RP nerd, I was recommended this forum for all of my RP needs. I'm currently exploring the game a bit on Cerberus, but when the time comes, I'll most likely dump all my characters onto Balmung to RP with yall. I am currently in America but I'll be moving to the UK soon. I hope time differences won't hinder RP'ing (since Balmung is an American server). In any case, if you would like some sassy sailor commentaries, I am the guy you've been looking for!
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