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    Thats okay, I submitted an application anyway. Get to it at your leisure.
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    Hello, I'm a player who's recently returned Are you still requiting? I have an interest in joining. Also quick question. I know it says your aligned with the adders. But do you accept people aligned with the other grand companies? (Mines currently Maelstrom but I may change it. Eventually Whenever i raise enough in rank for that to be a thing.)
  3. I'll incorperate it into the character, I have a few ideals, His clan is supposed to be located near Limsa Luminsa. (I was thinking in a cavern system either near luminsa itself or on an island just off the coast.) I was thinking that his clan might have been more Mercenary than most so maybe they hired themselves out as sailors. Maybe a ship navigator, He might have gotten the name from succesfully navigating the ship through the storm, Well the wise part anyway. Thanks a bunch for your opinions!
  4. Hello! I'm a bit of a lurker on the fourms but I was wondering if so.some might help me with a dilemma. Now I made a arcanist and I enjoy him greatly. The problem is I've found that I'm not as fond of the hellsguard roegadyn as I was at character creation. I was thinking of changing him to a duskwright since ill be getting my Fantasia potion some time this week. But that leaves me with the very roegadyn name of wise wolf. So should I try and come up for a reason for such a name? (I was thinking it being a alias, he's supposed to be kind of a pirate.) Or just ignore it and hope they add name changes some time in the future. Suggestions? Thoughts?
  5. Hmmm, This could be fun, And I dislike Queue's. I'm still getting used to tanking though. But if thats not a problem sign me up.
  6. That works too! Thank you
  7. Yes thank you that does help a bit! I guess I'll go for a French or Pseudo-French last name for the character then.
  8. So I have a question reguarding Elezen. I've read the naming conventions thread for them and their mention that there is a bit of a divergence when it comes to surnames. With one side or the other claiming the surnames for themselves. But i can't seem to find a list of sample surnames anywhere, Does such a list exist? i was thinking of making a Duskwight and this would help me with making the name.
  9. Well I do have some character concepts that I'm working on for ARR. I'll post some stuff up on the RP Discussion forum later mayhaps. (I think thats the right forum.)
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'll be sure to ask around if I have any questions.
  11. I like what I have read of the lore so far.
  12. Greetings everyone, Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm a fairly experianced roleplayer who has roleplayed in world of warcraft, SWTOR, and various table top games from Pathfinder to Dungeons & Dragons. I'm also a fan of Final Fantasy and I'm looking to bring my roleplay over to FFXIV:ARR. Hope to meet you in game when it Re-releases.
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