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  1. The Blades of Nald'Thal will be undergoing some changes in the next few days. During this time we will still accept applications, however recruitment is on pause until things settle. Changes will be happening ICly and OOCly and new information will be posted. - Aliannera Thornblade, Temporary Archon
  2. Nooooo, curse you Zeraia! :
  3. I'm use to it. I prefer to lay low then spring my trap while its to late for the others. It's true, he is good at trapping people. Also stop hijacking my thread. Also make me a sammich.
  4. I'm Aliannera, and after a recent beta experience with FF XIV:ARR I went ahead and pre-ordered it, enjoying what I found. Then a Pastry Army showed me this site and I decided to come along. Cause RP is cool and stuff and I need my fix. More... RP... Mooooore... So... Yea. That's about it. I'm hoping for many joyful experiences ahead and stuff!
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