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  1. Goobbue are not actually themselves plants, the game makes a note of saying it's unclear what they are but basically describes them as Bulbasaur. They are only classified as Seedkin because of the plantlife growing on them.
  2. Most of this was relatively common knowledge (at least for lore junkies), though I didn't know that Miqo'te came from Meracydia so that's definitely new and interesting.
  3. Not everyone can channel aether in Eorzea (see Cocobusi from THM questline), or has the mental fortitude to become a mage, just because the WoL can walk into a guild and pick up casting spells like it was second nature to him does not mean this is an ability that every person in Eorzea can do, and even people who can do it probably take much longer than the WoL does to learn it. Lets not forget either that it's not an "either/or" scenario either, Garleans created Magitek because they cannot use Aether, but Magitek was not designed so that people who can use Aether cannot use it; look at the Ir
  4. It would be Au Ra, you only use Auri if it's an adjective. Plural and singular forms of the race is Au Ra. So for example "look at that Au Ra over there" or "look at all those Au Ra over there" or "look at this Auri weapon."
  5. I had almost no intention of using the DRK lore anyways, but I kinda feel like they should have just called them Knights instead of Dark Knights if they were going to make them... not so dark. In either case I'll reserve my opinion on them until I can see their job quests.
  6. I had the same impression as I was reading it. Very gallant and chivalrous for a Dark Knight. I mean comparing it to FFXI's version where you had to quench the thirst of your blade with the blood of one hundred foes.... This seems very just and righteous for a Dark Knight, but we'll have to see. They made very little mention of what form the Darkness takes or what its purpose is to these knights... I hope that's where we'll find their more dark flavor. Maybe they have to perform some sort of devil's gambit, give in to a dark power to gain the power to fight against corruption or
  7. I might be a minority here but I don't know that I actually like the DRK lore. As a concept, I think it's pretty cool... but for Dark Knight? Not so much, there is not really anything "dark" about it and it honestly sounds more like Paladin than Paladin does. How do they explain DRK using dark magic if they are supposed to be a job that is dedicated to defending the weak? It just seems a bit strange to me. Edit: That being said, I am incredibly excited for the lore on the Au Ra, now I just have to decide which I want to be. I wanted to give him black scales, but the lore for Raen suits hi
  8. I'm not arguing that really, I'm just pointing out there is no precedent for an assumption they would make a job race specific unless it was just that race invented but anyone could learn it.
  9. Even if they only used lore to say only the Au Ra can be dark knights, it wouldn't work because not everyone will play an Au Ra, and if the MC breaks the lore, it sets the precedent that anyone can. They may however state that dark knight is a job originally created by the Au Ra, but I can't see them race locking it even in lore.
  10. WHM was race-locked to padjal. Hey, it could happen. Ah, yeah. That might be possible. Again, that's lore details, of which he have scarce few. If I may ask, though, what's the reasoning for the assumption? Is it just the art? Because I would simply figure that was to show off both the new race and the new Job at the same time. That was one of the reasons yeah. The biggest reason though, is that you only see Au Ra in DRK armor, yet not in the other classes. Coupled with the fact is /is/ coming with Heavensward and so far it hasn't even been spoken of i
  11. You actually don't take Estinien's form, as mentioned by Alberic you take on the form of Haldrath which emerges from your Dragoon Soul and bestows upon you the final piece (his own piece) of the Drachen Mail as well as the knowledge of the Dragonfire Dive. Taken from the wiki and from Alberic himself:
  12. I've been trying to get this chest forever, finally got it at random tonight!
  13. I don't want to complete derail the thread, but I did want to just point out in response to Ryanti that despite Eorzea being the smallest of the three continents, there is still a lot of areas that we haven't touched yet and they could add as the focus of an expansion before we ever set foot outside of Eorzea. They could do an expansion that focused on Thanalan and Paglth'an, such as adding Southern Sagolii Desert as a new zone. Then we have Xelphatol and Gyr Abania, which could either come in the same expansion or separately. I still think it's likely they didn't scrap the water based expansi
  14. But... they are introducing new Jobs, and they said they would continue to introduce more Jobs in future expansions. They are just not introducing any future Classes as far as we know. As far them basing expansions around a specific Job, I doubt it... I think there is just an emphasis on DRG because of Ishgard, and I'm pretty sure we will be going back to Ul'dah in Heavensward... they aren't going to leave that open and untouched for the next 1+ year. They initially said when they started designing the expansion they were conflicted between a sky based expansion, or a water based expansio
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