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  1. "I haven't the faintest idea when this letter will reach your hands..." "...nor where I'll be when it does," "but I can assure you of one thing. I've found that happiness we once shared. Do you remember?" "...lost together in the cathartic abyss of isolation, we found it..." "...the treasure no one could steal from us. Our heart..." "...our wanderlust."
  2. Square's glamour game is on point this patch. More XI gear. ♥
  3. Summoners in and of themselves aren't necessarily unplayable. Canonically, many people have the capability of having both the echo and Hydaelyn's blessing. In 1.0, they established that while "rare" on the grand scheme of things, there was literally an entire order of people who had the echo (of which your character eventually became a part of). That being said, given the frequency of primal summons and that key note, a Summoner is certainly doable. Of course, being a Summoner means your character would have had to have defeated any primal they wished to summon, though this is a given. Not necessarily something you can do accidentally, even with a group of others who cannot be tempered. Lastly, canonically, the horses are not actual summons. They were once nightmares, which are beasts that were given to the tribes by the Ascians. The primals themselves then tempered these nightmares into the legendary horses you see in-game. The established canon for these horses (and nightmares) is that they can only be tamed and called to one's side by use of a unique whistle. That's just established canon, however. All that being said, you should ultimately do what you want to do. Some people may dig it, others might not, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you enjoy yourself. If you're doing just that, well, that's all that matters.
  4. I hate 99.9% of the new Void Ark gear. ...These gloves, though. Mmm. ♥
  5. You know, I couldn't exactly pin what it was about it that I didn't completely click with. You made me realize exactly what it was. It does make him look a lot younger. Which is bad, because he's 30. Well, 35, but who's counting? Plus it clipped with his goggles, and I didn't like that in the least. Those things already gave me enough frustration when I upgraded them and found out only the frames dye and not the lenses. Ah, well. Some things are better left as they are. :>
  6. Merri


    Aetheryte travel is only used by a small fraction of the population. The reason for this is that it both requires a great deal of mental fortitude and endurance. Most people don't have the strength, aetherically, to use teleportation on a day-to-day basis. This is why you still people using chocobos and caravans and the like to get around. Adventurers, on the other hand, tend to be a bit more disciplined. Stronger. Have a larger pool of aetherial energy, essentially. These people are able to use aetheryte travel more reliably because of this. However, it's still taxing, and constant teleportation technically goes against established lore. See, back during 1.0, teleporting was limited by what was known as anima, which was basically your spiritual energy. You started with a stock of 99 anima, and each teleport took away a certain amount of anima depending on the distance traveled. Your anima regenerated slowly over time, which meant if you teleported often, you would reach a point where you'd have to wait for your anima to recharge before you could teleport again. This mechanic was removed with ARR, however, and anima turned into a gil fee for gameplay reasons. That being said, the concept is essentially the same. Even the strongest of adventurers can only travel by aetheryte so many times in a short period before their body gives out from exhaustion. It's a very taxing procedure. The short version is that aetherytes act as giant aetherial beacons. Once you've attuned with a crystal, you know it's presence. You know where it is, you know what it feels like. When you teleport, your body breaks down into the aether it's comprised of, and you ride along in the lifestream. Normally you wouldn't be able to exit. However, because of these aetherytes acting like beacons, they pull at your essence and direct you to the location you focused in on. [You can find a more in-depth explanation here on all of the above, however.] So, basically, unless your character is strong on a spiritual / aetherial level, using teleportation should be either extremely taxing or near impossible. Lots of people handle the exhaustion tied to aetheric travel in various ways. Some have their characters feel sick to the stomach when they exit. Some have their characters physically and mentally exhausted after a few teleports used in succession. It ultimately depends on the direction you want to take it, or how often you use aetherial travel.
  7. Hadn't changed Merri's hairstyle once (At least, not since I changed to Miqo'te at the launch of ARR), but I finally caved. ...Though I'm still not sure how I feel about it.
  8. Man, it's crazy to think I've been here almost six years. Makes me feel old. I can almost remember the layout on the old site. Almost. The RPC has had it's ups and downs, but it's come a long way. There were a few times when I wasn't so sure the community was going to make it, and there was like maybe five or ten regularly active members. But look at this place now, alive and flourishing! I wish you guys the best of luck moving forward~ Should be interesting to see things from the other side of the fence. :>
  9. Got bored a few days ago and tried to re-imagine what Merri looked like when he was eighteen. Got around to taking some screenshots a bit ago. Look at this loser, all bruised and scuffed up~ ...Versus some twelve (...Seventeen, technically?) years later.
  10. The dragonkillers are actually ceruleum powered, believe it or not. There's a quest in Coerthas where you're tasked with securing a shipment of ceruleum for Camp Dragonhead's emplacements. While primarily a fuel source, ceruleum is highly explosive. Coerthas was also a hotspot for ceruleum mining in the past, so it wouldn't be surprising that they incorporated it into their technology. Back in 1.0, the empire had actually infiltrated and secured the Dzemael Darkhold in an effort to harvest the vast stores of ceruleum contained within the natural crystal formations strewn about the caves.
  11. I've been waiting five years for goggles that I can toggle up on my forehead. So gooood~
  12. Figured I could step in here, as both empires (Garlean and Allagan) are my specialty when it comes to lore. It's more or less been answered, but I'll drop a few other facts down. The "Third Eye" is, as far as we known canonically, a trait native to pure-blooded Garleans. Pure-blooded Garleans could also more or less be considered their own race. They're very tall (many use Elezen models in-game, outside of their faces, to portray this), rather lanky, and quite muscular. Also, every single pure-blooded Garlean we've seen in-game has blonde / platinum blonde / white hair. Every single last one. I threw hastily cropped together this picture of all pure-blooded Garleans we've seen in-game without their faces obscured. (Included Cid twice since his hair color did technically change from ARR to HW.) Something to keep in mind if you play or plan on playing a pure-blooded Garlean! It seems far too convenient for every single one thus far to have blonde hair out of pure chance, considering none of them share familial bonds (as far as we know). Blonde hair is the safe bet for being the norm with pure-blooded Garleans. Many also have blue eyes, though some have been shown to have yellow eyes. My personal fan theory is that they Garlean "race" draws parallels to the Aryan race. Suffice it to say, pure-blooded Garleans are very distinct from the other races in Eorzea for numerous reasons. I find it very, very, very unlikely that the Lalafell's gemstone has anything to do with the third eye. As has been mentioned, it's almost certainly a decorative gemstone based around their culture. This is correct. The Garlean Empire does bolster their armed forces by conscription within subjugated territories. They're very careful about this, however, to avoid inciting rebellion within said territories. Most people who do wind up serving the empire do so for the sake of their families, as the empire will offer them protection in exchange for their service. The empire is, for the most part, not an awful place to live. This isn't the case everywhere, of course, but that can even be said about some locations in Eorzea. I could go on and on about that subject, but, it'd be a huge tangent from the conversation at hand.
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