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  1. Heyo! After an extended break from the forums, I'm reposting my ancient character directory page with new and updated info! (I've also been starved of RP for that time so I'll take literally anyone willing! Don't be afraid to respond, even if we're on different servers! We can make it work through the power of friendship :love: ) I. Basic Info Characters: Josario "Jo" Adrial Primary character: Josario Linkshells: CactuaRP (Fresh off the pearl distributor! Don't be afraid to ask me for an inv to this if you see me around on Cactuar!) Primary RP linkshell: CactuaRP
  2. [align=center]Hello friendly readers! I'm brand new to the forum RP-Scene, so curse me if I do anything wrong, but I'm putting myself out there in hopes of satisfying my raging craving for Heavy RP! (Unfortunately I'm not on Balmung yet RIP I'm forever stuck on Cerberus)[/align] [align=center]What I'm Looking For[/align] [align=center]I'd love for my Elezen to make some friends, foes, acquaintances, etc. and hopefully find some love along the way! [/align] [align=center]Friends and such of all shapes and sizes are welcome! Anyone who can help Josario chill out or learn to have a littl
  3. Thank you again everyone <3
  4. Hello everyone! You can call me Lovi or Jamie, my pronouns are He/Him and I'm a relatively experienced RPer and FFXIV player. I'm really nervous because I'm brand-new to forum roleplay, but I sincerely hope I can make some good friends on here :love: I recently re-subbed after about a month of inactivity and I followed my friend to Cerberus after he transferred from Faerie. (Unfortunately he re-subbed sooner than me and got first pick on where we switched to. RIP my dreams of a Balmung life) After I became inactive on FFXIV, I switched over to Blade & Soul, which was a blast. I
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