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  1. No need to over think it. Just imagine if it was real life, how would you join in on a conversation? Just be natural. No one will care if you are a little clunky.
  2. How late does it usually go? Pacific time here...
  3. Yea. Hear all about how EU and EST time zones are sorta conflicting, but you PST folks.. that's gotta be murder really. We typically go till midnight or later if that helps? Party late into the night always helps. 8-)
  4. Looks fun, I will probably try and be there. Most of the best RP events are east coast time schedule so it's difficult for us Californians.
  5. Please indulge my naivety, but nudity? How close can you get to actual nudity. Sounds like a fun event btw. As close as the game and a certain mod can let you. The rest is up to your imagination as with most role play. My imagination certainly is thinking about the possibilities...
  6. Please indulge my naivety, but nudity? How close can you get to actual nudity. Sounds like a fun event btw.
  7. If you look kindly upon my application. I will server transfer tonight. I'm so tired of Marlboro lol.
  8. I did check out your website, it does look really really good. I love the community, non-combat things to do, richness of the characters that the RP community brings - even though I'm not the best out there at it. So you are saying that PvE/vP is not official Company business, but thats not to say that sometimes members maybe will join up to do some OOC? Is that about accurate?
  9. I think like a neat trading or merchant theme would be interesting. Other than that your standard fair mercenary work type Company would also due.
  10. A wonderful looking guild! I'm search desperately for just the right FC for me. I do want a FC that has some scheduled events though, I do look forward to that. Sounds like yours is much more RP heavy than maybe I'm use to.
  11. Great post. I have some RP experience, but I'm not the best at back story. What I do love is the richness of the experience and all the non-combat activities to participate in that you can only get in an RP community.
  12. Hello all, I'm new to Hydaelyn RP, but not new to FF14. I'm wanting to join a RP Free Company that is very active and not too big. I have RP experience in GW2 and ESO so I know my way around RP. To be honest, I dont yet have my character overly developed but I want to begin that process. Right now I'm not on a RP server (marlboro) but I'm willing to server transfer. Please reach out to me if any FC's are interested, or any long time members please point me in the right direction. Thanks!
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