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  1. haha this is sweet! thanks so much for the help ^^
  2. Hey haven't been in the rp scene in forever so wanted to get back. Does my characters background make sense or need improvements? Let me know ^^ Opal was a bright cunning girl as a child. She learned how to make clothing from her mother, and fight with a sword from her father. Her attitude and true personality made her unpopular with other kids, lowering her self esteem, taking on a fake personality to be more loved. She also had the ability to manipulate aether. This power would overwhelm her and cause accidents so she kept it hidden most of the time. At the ag
  3. Been away from the rp scene for a while and hoping to get back. Looking for others who want to rp and stuff. I'm in Balmung and here is a little bio of my character: Opal never knew her parents personally, and grew up in an orphanage in Kugane. The only thing left to her from her parents is a photograph of her mother. She was very close to both the children and the adults in the orphanage, often helping the adults take care of the other children as well. However she was scouted by an idealistic man at the age of 10 due to her abnormally strong connection with aether. She was trained t
  4. Wow thank you! These are very helpful I'll be sure to check it all out
  5. So I've been playing this game for a while, and I figured since I enjoy it so much I should put more effort into getting involved with the community. I've lurked around here for a bit, and you're all very interesting! Rp is very very new to me but I am intrigued, so I'm hoping to learn more about it while being here. Thank you!
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