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  1. So, I'm establishing a young(er) Garlean character, and have run into something of a snag as far as naming goes. Garlean first and last names tend to take on something leaning more towards Latin, easy enough. But then there is the middle name which denotes what your role is in the empire. But how does that work for children? Obviously, with those like Zenos, their ranking has nothing to do with their job and as such they can be assigned a title easily. But for a child in the lower class with say, two public officials for parents. The child obviously isn't of that rank, they aren't old enough so rightfully they shouldn't have the title like 'Eir' or 'Dus'. Do they take the title of the lower ranking parent and then the child is expected to grow and assume that position and if they exceed, they just trade up titles? Is there a specific designation for children born to Garlemald but aren't born into a position like the royal family? Even the non military roles, we only have two designations and that's for crafters and merchants/gatherers.
  2. I'm highly grateful that they are holding out that you can only get one per account for the first few months. The price point is high enough that most people aren't going to buy it on a whim, especially when considering it's only truly useful when purchased with one of the story skips. (Theoretically you can purchase the potion and then just level as normal, except with a base 100% bonus but who is really going to do that with this?) Honestly, I can't see most new players shelling out another 50 USD when they already spent fifty to sixty on the game itself possibly more if CE, plus however long a sub they purchased. This actually is coming at the perfect time for me, since it means I now don't have to worry about how I'm going to play with the several friends who moved to a new world. As a native to Gilgamesh with my main, I obviously can't go home if I left and I wouldn't want to leave, even temporarily, anyways. Now I can push my alt up to SB right away and join the rush with them. Is there potential for abuse with these? Absolutely. But the current limit to one pot per service account curbs most of it.
  3. Hello! While not new to the game, I am completely new to RP. It's something I have been interested in, but could never really find a group to work with who could help me along. Now that I have a few new characters on Balmung, I figured now would be the time to reach out to the community. I'm currently maining a Female Midlander Hyur, but I have characters across most races I'm willing to work with.
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