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  1. Remember the special starts today and goes until the end of November!
  2. For the month of November I'm doing a special on keychains and magnets. Any order placed in the month of November will get $5 off. Also buy one keychain or magnet and get $5 off a second keychain or magnet! Single sided: Icon - $15 Sprite - $20 Double sided: Icons - $25 Icon/Sprite - $30 Sprites - $35 Other designs available by request. Get a lovely gift for you and that special gamer in time for the holidays! Just send an email to connorworks.ffxiv@gmail.com to place an order.
  3. Just finished MCH and BRD sprites. Having issues making the image show up on here, but I'll link a place to see them. Newest Keychains
  4. Sprites from PotD in the works. I'm adding more designs once I finish them and reach 10 orders. Finished Sprites
  5. Thank you! I'm glad people like them so much
  6. Just an update: working on the 8-bit sprites from PotD (it's just going to take a little while)
  7. Greetings! Getting into crafts and thought I'd share. Connorworks™ Cross Stitch
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