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    Would greatly appreciate an invite; @Salem Andrews
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    I'm really glad to read that 'SapphireSkylines', and between the two responses I'm already working on picking up the bundle. Spending a little bit of money on an MMO for me has never been an issue. In the last 2 years I've probably spent more on my MMO desires then I have food. But I'm still searching for something that truly captures my attention. I truly hope this is the end of my search for a few years.
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    I truly appreciate such a quick response. I'm feeling inclined to pick the game up and spend my whole weekend getting to know it.
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    I'm a new visitor to the community, and I'm considering picking up FFXIV primarily for RP as well as to get involved in an enjoyable PvE and PvP experience. I'm curious if anyone here in the RP community might be able to give me some good places to check out for info, or anything I should be aware of before I pick up the game. Few things, I've never played anything FF related that wasn't a Kingdom Hearts entry. I've RP'd in SWTOR, WoW, and GW2 - should I expect a similar type of community (Much of it seemed toxic to me as a RP'r.). Lastly is there the possibility I might be able to find a bit of a mentor to get me into the universe RP wise? I have a basic concept for my main character's story, but knowing little to no lore I'm unsure how I'll take the idea I've used in the past and build from it. Thanks for the read everyone - and the responses if you take the time!