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  1. Is this LS still active? If so, I'd like an invite my character. He's a Doman refugee Raen Au Ra.
  2. Hi. I'm bumping this thread. Sadly, the FC I was in fell through. And a bit of an update was given to my schedule. Pretty much I'll be around for a week, then disappear for a week as far as any RP. Hope that helps out some.
  3. Uh, your link isn't working if there was supposed to be one? Still, it's up in the air at least 'til I find one. I'm currently looking for the previous poster. As far as private investigation FCs, I'm not sure how much help I would be there. Let alone with a bar. Heh.
  4. That's mostly because I was working out the background details. Here's the link to the completed background so far for him. http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=18936 I'm looking over the information now. It does definitely look like a good fit.
  5. I like it! Now I am curious what you're going to do with the fellow Has he settled down a bit or is he still rather wild? Still rather wild at times.
  6. Bumping the thread. Thank you guys very much for the help. How's the background look now? (And wow that was a lot of lore to go through!) I ended up rewriting the entire thing with all of the lore knowledge.
  7. Hi, thanks for the interest, but not sure if he would join a company that is morally questionable at this time. While I, as a player, can understand some of the good of the community brought about by such companies, I'm not sure my character would overall be happy in one despite how open his background is. With his being Au Ra specifically and the lore that I've been pointed to, the questionable nature of your company isn't exactly going to be welcoming to him since he has the whole wandering bug. Thanks for your interest definitely, but I'm going to have to decline at the moment until I
  8. Hi. Well, I'll try to make this short. Stuff went down with my old non-RP FC on Exodus, and I recently transferred to Balmung like two or three weeks ago. I've been playing the game around a half a year nearly (I think in the next month or two I finally get the 180 day veteran reward?) so I'm pretty much a new player to the game. I'm looking for an RP FC to help me get into the groove of RP on FFXIV. I'm more of a casual player by unfortunate IRL necessity. I tend to log in when I can and play, but IRL comes first for me. If people are on and want to RP, I'll go with that over trying to a
  9. Wow. Lots of lore and lots information to go by. Definitely going to be revamping in the next day or two once I find time to sit down and read it all.
  10. Thanks for the input. Gridania is what I meant. Could you specify more on the Elementals accepting him? I've not delved deeply into the Conjurer's back story, nor those of the Archer if the Elementals have meaning there. I'm open to his adoptive parents being alive. I didn't realize there seemed to be so many going with that sort of back story. It just seemed fitting for the whole "wandering" archetype I was aiming for as far as his tendencies. The rejection of his adoptive culture was not intended, but I had intended them to be fellow auri. I realize I didn't specify what races they were
  11. Hi. I'm still fairly new, and started putting together a background for my character. I still need to see what outfits I can get for him, but so far I've had some fun with him in a few encounters here and there. My problem is my lack of knowledge on the lore and what is/isn't okay despite some researching the past weeks. So, any comments/suggestions? The character seems a bit lack luster to me so far. Name: Tomasu Kusakiri Race: Raen Au Ra Profession: Wanderering Blade/Adventurer Interests: Gardening, Wandering, Philosophy Background: Tomasu Kusakiri is a refugee of Doma, broug
  12. If it helps, a lot of the Au Ra of both types that have come to Eorzea and there because they were fleeing from Othard due to the actions of the Garleans. So, if you need something for your hero to be vengeful against - the Garlemald's a good fallback. Also, there's two (I think?) Xaela tribes that are usually in conflict and one that is basically just mean to the rest, so there's that option if you don't want to go the Anti-Empire route. Of course, being deposed could also provide a reason why your character is wandering for peaceful reasons. You've been uprooted from your homeland, so n
  13. I'll look into that one. Thank you. Definitely interested in not being completely city tied here.
  14. Hi. I'm new to Balmung, but not new to RP. I'm also looking into possibly getting into FCs after a bad run on the previous server I was on. In any case, I'm working on putting together a background and would like some input to help with making it? My character is a Raen Au Ra that I would like to be possibly a crafter of some sort or "wandering hero" type that doesn't really like to stay one place for long. As an idea of the wandering hero, think of it as the chinese martial artist that just doesn't stay in one place but wanders around looking for some place peaceful to stay the rest
  15. Hi. I just recently transferred to Balmung and I was wondering where some of the hang outs are for RP? I know there's the Quicksand, but that's all I've found so far.
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