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  1. Just an update on this. It looks like anyone interested in the FFXI crossover portion is to make an alt on Bahamut, as that's where I'll best be able to bankroll new characters and ensure everyone has a space. It's a well-established server and isn't as crowded as Asura or Odin. I'm still looking for the main RP to be done in FFXIV, though, so everyone is welcome to join! It's just that an excursion into the real Vana'diel may be called for now and again. :cactuar:
  2. What I meant is they're not playable. And since I assume this would involve playing both FF11 and FF14 (and giving me an excuse to give FF11 another try) that would leave Tyll'a out, as his Vana'diel counterpart wouldn't be playable. Fair. I'm content to leave my FFXI character in Vana'diel, though I do wonder if XIV will allude to it more outside of the one crossover event. I do really like the idea of one of the other Starrs possibly having a Vana'diel counterpart for this, though. Possibly even Ayu's counterpart could still be alive, as Carteneau wasn't a thing in Vana'diel...actually, that might explain how Tyll'a can see Ayu in dreams somehow, even though she's dead! EDIT: Actually, I'm liking that idea more and more as I think about it! What if Tyll'a dreams not of his own Vana'diel counterpart, but of his sister's? That sounds great! And yeah, the dream idea was a good compromise in not bending the lore too much, but enough so that we can all wax poetic on our vana'nostalgia. For my part, I was thinking of having Alto's dreams be of the experiences of a Tarutaru mage in Windurst, contemporary with the events of Rise of the Zilart. And while an FFXI/XIV crossover RP group would be a dream come true, it seems unlikely to happen. I still play all the time, but am on a pretty low population server. But maybe I'll come to Asura if there's enough interest? Who knows? :bouncy:
  3. Hello everyone. I've been kicking around the idea for a while of a group of adventurers who all begin to share a common dream of a beautiful place -- a place in Vana'diel. Introspection leads them to believe that they are spiritually connected to their Vana'diel doppelganger, and attempts to contact them may be made. This would best be suited for a larger plot, of course, and I was thinking that it could be done largely within private housing or at a nondescript place in the open world. Respond here or PM me if this sounds interesting to you!
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