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  1. Hello there! This is a shout out to RPers in Brynhilder, if there are any. I'd like to see if anyone out there is currently looking for RP so that we could make a connection. There's a couple of LS/FC that roleplay here but I'm looking for more. Send me a PM here, reply to the thread or just hit me up in game at Byakko'a Mujuuk. Looking forward to meeting you guys! Thanks!
  2. Hello out there! A little backstory before my question. One of my characters Byakko'a ( Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te) has had a real troubled past, stemming from the fact that he watched his own two daughters being burnt alive. Though usually it is a matriarchal society, he was forced to take lead over the village after his mother died because no one was as well trusted, or worthy of protecting the families within the tribe. Bya found 'mate' of sorts and that was when the fire came and burnt the entire tribe to the ground. His father was nonexistent through this entire life. However, I'd like to try something here and bear with me: I'd like Bya to somehow and unwillingly inherent the ability to shift or transform into a white tiger of sorts. I'm not sure how hard this would break lore or not, it's really just an inquiry if anything. My plan would be that in some fashion he learns of his fathers existence and finds out that it was him who destroyed the tribe those years ago and killed his children. At the confrontation, his father reveals a big secret that he can shift his body into a large tiger. The eldest male of blood kin would be the only one that it develops into, which is why Bya has not seen or experienced it himself. He also realizes his father is crazed and malicious and kills him to avenge the family he lost. Doing so, would mark him as the next successor of the ability. So my questions: 1.) Would this ability be even plausible? 2.) There needs to be a high risk/drawback to this. It's a powerful transformation and there for needs a powerful drawback to invoking it. I played with the idea that it would be like a drug when he shifted, but the more he used it, the longer it took him to phase back into his regular miqo'te form. Eventually leading up to where he would stay a tiger forever. 3.) The father story is changabe. What are your thoughts on such? Let me be clear. This is not some way of making a suedo werewolf thing. This would be a tribal transformation with clear setbacks and disadvantages. Any help would be awesome! Thanks!
  3. Hello there! New to this community and while I've been role playing for years, I need some help developing a character. I'll also be transferring to Balmung in a few days or so for the abundance of RP that I hear is there. So, anyone wishing to help out a newbie when I arrive would be great! I have a 60 WHM/DRK that will be coming. In any case, I'm fascinated with the DRK lore and interesting way they play tug of war with the Darkside and Abyss. So that's where I'm leaning to at this point. The trouble I'm finding is what suitable race to choose? An Ishgardian Duskwright Elezen would be nice, but the character model is just blah to me. Would it possible for a Ishgardian Hyur to exist? My planning for backstory is thus: No name (Because I haven't picked a race just yet), would be a husband and father of two. Generally I'm thinking a knight as a profession. That's also dependent on race. In any case, he is caught witnessing something or someone that goes against his better judgment and moral and tells the Holy See or someone higher up. The next day, he finds his home aflame and his entire family dead. This would eventually cause the darkside to awaken and he is taken up by a sect of Dark Knights to train for many years before extracting his revenge. Does this all sound lore appropriate? Any help you can give me would be amazing! Thanks!
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