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  1. Thanks everyone for all the great feedback! Enthusiastic thumbs up to all the replies, I will reach out via PM to set something up with each of you .
  2. Hello everyone o/. Quick intro: I'm relatively new to FF, but have been RPing for 12 years through various other MMOs, especially World of Warcraft. Just following the trail of breadcrumbs in search of fellow RPers to connect with in game. I'm still making my way through the main quest line, so my lore knowledge isn't 100% yet, but I'm making a solid effort to do my homework. About the character: Riley is a curious, energetic, free spirited Miqo'te (Seeker of the Sun). Aspiring painter turned tattoo artist with an open mind who wanders around the world in search of artistic inspirati
  3. Hello everyone o/. Just dropping by the welcome desk before I make my way to other threads (RP Connections, Wiki in progress). As the title states, I'm crossing the MMO line into FF from World of Warcraft. I've only been in FF for a couple months, so a lot of the game is very new to me, but I've been RPing for around 12 years. The past 5 years were devoted to WoW (Moon Guard), and the previous 7 were various chat sites/ SL, There.com, and Vampire the Masquerade (RP universe, not the game itself). What I'm really looking for is consistent RP partners for in depth storylines that push char
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