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  1. --MMORPG background My MMORPG Backround Started with Final Fantasy XI. I have many Great memories from my time spent in both Slyvestra and Crystalline and alot of laughs. I also had shortly Played Aion but sadly found no RP being done that I knew of. Perhaps I would have found one if I had continued to play. It was never the same though as FFXI. I dearly loved FFXI. I hope I can say the same for XIV one day when I look back. --RP experience Besides experiance with RP in Slyvestra and Crystalline I had previous experiance with a little chat room and
  2. I can't even recall all of it was so long ago...and yet that name hasn't manage to die yet...I was so close to loosing it too, so close none of the new people would have ever herd of it till someone brought it up.
  3. Well Good news and some slightly not-so good news... I have managed to purchase a laptop.On opening the laptop though and reading the manual i realized i forgot to buy discs to back the factory image up. So now i' have to wait a few days for the disc to come in that I ordered. Hopefully be back to RP soon with any luck.
  4. Nice introduction Crystal! I like the idea of drawing portraits while getting to know others.
  5. ((i'm afraid i have some bad news everyone, my laptop screen just cracked cause i stupidly had it too close to the edge, this was my only computer. right now i have a spare monitor hooked up to the laptop, but i dont have a stable safe place to continue to use it like this. I'm afraid i'll have to go on hiatus for now. Casi please feel free to write me out. I'm so sorry guys hope i can get a new computer but might be very difficult...)) Vana quickly and quietly slipped out of the lair while everyone else was distracted.
  6. ((Sorry everyone I'm afraid I have to close this thread but you welcome to make a new one for The Bismarck.))
  7. The Ranger took the bottle from Ryelle but left it unopened, and set it down on a nearby table. "Vana Durga."nodding her head politely. "I thank you for your assistance back at the tavern and for your hospitality. Surely things will calm down quickly enough and I'm sure we will not trespass on it for too long. The uproar should die down soon enough..." She gently stroked the back feathers of her hawk who examined every new face in the room and studied them intensely.
  8. The Ranger carefully checked her companion for any injuries when she felt a sudden hand on her shoulder, she looked at the hand for a minute before looking up at itâs owner find the same man that had interrupted her conversation earlier with Ryelle in arm. Her hawk also cocking itâs head as he examined the two . âIf it will get me out of this suffocating cityâ¦âShe steped back suddenly as she saw him stumble forwards her hawk spreading his wings a little at the sudden movement of the Elezen. The ranger caught site of the hulking Roegayden and as he spoke she had to make sure to listen
  9. The Ranger strode quickly as possible out of what was once the Bismarck, behind several coughing survivors from the blaze carrying an unconscious man over one of her shoulders as her hawk rested on the other. she pulled the cloth down from her mouth coughing a bit as she tried to inhale the smokeless air. she laid the man down by the others she had found and lead out. They seemed to be the last few as she found struggling to find their way out in their coughing fits and burning eyes. Knelt down beside them passing a canteen of water from one to another as they panted and tried to clear thei
  10. She never felt the heat envelope her but she did hear loud screams and shouts erupt in the establishment. She pulled the cloak off her and her hawk and came to her feet to see a wall of flame eating away a the wood and the hiss of alcohol feeding it from tipped over and abandoned cups. She looked down at her companion who fluffed his feather and screeched a bit. "He's gone...." She said to her companion. not spotting him anywhere in the building she walked further along the bar edge finding Ryelle. (I understood i think what you meant gaelic i first left it off like that so someone
  11. She Nodded not taking her eyes of her target. "So long as you refrain from digging for information I have no qualm" she drew the bow string closing an eye as she was about to let go she saw the man knock her hawk away and let the arrow cut through the heated air.To her disappointment the the arrow bounced back as it near him. and ricocheted and struck into the ceiling. "Damn!" she cursed abruptly. "Shielded." she whistled sharply. The hawk finding balance back in the air abruptly cocked it head at the whistle and immediately flew back to his companion landing on her shoulder stabl
  12. She quickly looked to the Mage hearing him shouting but shook her head and then looked down quickly at Ryelle. She had a better tactical a advantage with her position on top of the bar and it was too dangerous for Ryelle to even chance moving towards the entry. Too much of a risk of a blade to her back. She shouted at Ryelle. "Keep low!" Aiming her arrow at another coming their way. Her companion swooping downward swiftly and clawing at hulking figure's throat. She let the arrow go straight at his exposed throat as the Hawk moved swiftly back up allowing her a clear shot.
  13. It took only a matter of minutes before things turned rather nasty as she saw the man hit the floor with a thud and the glint of red tainted metal leaving the flesh of the man Exposed neck,Chaos quickly ensuing. Catching sight of the Roegadyn reaching out for them the women grabbed her acquaintance by the arm and pulled her quickly out of the reaching Roegadyen path and ran her into the direction of the bar letting go of the other womenâs arm and looking over her shoulder at the oncoming Roegayden . âSo much for getting out of hereâ¦Stay here and try to keep out of the way mâlady.â With
  14. Particularly agitated even further by the rudeness; to not even look at who was addressing him. Insult only further given when the mention of escorts came into the conversation. she frowned disgustedly. Her hawk puffing itâs chest out some ruffling his feathers as he eyed the men at the table. She turned her head to her companion and whispered to him trying to soothe him. Trouble was not what she had come here for but still her acquaintance was correct in saying an apology was owed.
  15. The women smirked slightly as she watched her Companion shrug the offer off. She arched an eyebrow slightly as she caught a slight change in the Elezenâs expression as the mention of trade came up. He was obviously not leaving and his attempt at flattery was beginning to grate on her nerves. Leading her to wondered if her acquaintance was the type of girl to easily buy into such behavior. She listened half there as he began to question Ryelle; Picking up her glass she brought it to her lips to sip at itâs contents when she caught his question about her place in it in which she immediately in
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