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  1. I'm both an officer of Avalon and the RolePlay Mateus Community. Right now the RPM (Roleplay Mateus LS) are about 400 members strong, but that's just our one role play group. There are also several others popping up on the server too. There is both a Mateus Roleplayers and general Mateus RP community discord that is very active. Right now we are the fastest growing server on Aether, so you will have no problem finding RP! That said, everyone is pretty busy with the expansion pack at the moment so most large community events seem to be on hold. I'm guessing that'll change in about a week. As for Avalon, we have a great group of very active and friendly roleplayers. Everyone is very willing to lend each other a hand when it comes to content and helping each other progress. Our company has 24 hour buffs, chocobo stables, crafting stations, all NPC's and several other amenities to help out our members. We almost have our first airship complete and have plans to get that going after SB so we can have company payouts. We usually have some RP going on at the FC in the evenings, and more planned once more people reach 70. Our first storyline event is coming around the 3rd of next month and I am planning an RP event for sometime this month too. We are a heavy roleplay group and so you'll never want for RP with us!
  2. Avalon just wrapped up its first tour event! Thank you to everyone who came and an extra, double thanks to Zacriel/Freya Mavanix for putting this all together and playing hostess. I've been playing the game since beta and there was a lot of information even I didn't know about Ul'dah! We even caught the attention of a few passersby who joined along and became interested in RP :thumbsup: Here are a few screenshots from tonight's event and I can't wait to see you all for next month's tour!:
  3. This was a totally fun event and thank you very much for hosting it! Looking forward to next time (^.^)b [align=center] 8-) Congratulations to Hashim'sae Obataiya, Mateus' first champ! 8-)[/align]
  4. Cast my vote for Mateus and happy to welcome any newcomers to the server. Anyone who is looking for an invite to our server LS, discord, needing an FC, dungeon assistance or wanting help getting started can feel free to send a /tell to Sera Felstar :thumbsup:
  5. So I thought I'd throw in my two cents... Would have been cool if SE designated specified RP servers like in WoW. They should have made housing instanced like mog houses in FFXI. They could have seen how popular RP was and been more accommodating. But they didn't. Sucks for us and puts the community under stress having to have sucky server debates. In the past year, I've RP'ed on Balmung, Gilgamesh and Mateus. They all have pros and cons about them and each server is a bit different in how they choose to define themselves as a community. And ya know what? - It's all good. It's very cool to see how many people love being creative with their characters and want to share that with others. Sure, the other servers will never have the sheer number of RP'ers that Balmung has, but there is also something to be said for smaller, tight-knit communities too. The best way to make a secondary server succeed is to stop comparing it to Balmung, because it's not going to end up exactly the same. We have a great group of people on Mateus who are willing to lead and wanting to offer help. I'd love to see more people who want to join in the fun, strengthen the existing FC's and help make events. We need people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and get out there to meet new friends. Most importantly, it would be great to see those who are invested in making a secondary server succeed long term by simply showing up and being consistent with RP. And let's face it, worst comes to worse and the whole thing folds, well, one day Balmung will open again. Nothing ventured, nothing gained Finally, I have made a lot of friends this past year on all the servers. What I've noticed is even if I leave a RP community, I stay friends with the people in that group. I still chat with people on all three servers (and Hyperion since that's where my FFXI end game LS went) and I'm happy to RP with anyone on discord at any time. It would be nice if we could not see each other as enemies, competition, or worlds apart, but just appreciate everyone for their creativity, efforts and be supportive :thumbsup: And a shameless plug for Avalon FC on Mateus since we are looking for members
  6. For those (like me) who were disappointed that Ishgard Housing wasn't announced, don't give up hope yet! It looks like it may still be a thing. Not only that, but the article hints that Ishgard may see an end to its eternal winter. I have seen other sources that hit the older areas may get an update to include flying, so perhaps we're in for some awesome changes there in future. http://twinfinite.net/2017/03/ffxiv-ishgard-housing-shirogane/
  7. Unfortunately, due to health issues, I unexpectantly had to take three months off the game :frustrated: The good news is I'm back! I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but if anyone is still looking for a home please let me know!
  8. [align=center][/align] [align=center]“Work hard. Study hard. Play hard.”[/align] Name: Ultima Garden [seeD] Themes: Academic, Mercenary, Role Play Driven, In-Game Progression Oriented. Intensity: Heavy RP, Casual Gamers. Recruitment: OPEN. Website: http://ultima-garden-rp.enjin.com/home Contact: Raine Felstar, Sparke Ash [align=center][/align] Who We Are: In times long forgotten by the annals of history (or so the legend says), Gardens were established in Eorzea as a safe haven for orphans. Although they began as a charity for those seeking to improve their lot in life, they became a force capable of challenging even the most deadly threats. It’s reputation spread as an elite military academy, training youths to become exceptional soldiers in order to join and support the armies of the world. Those who showed exemplary talents would remain in Garden to form the Special Encounter and Elimination Division, or SeeD. The members of Ultima Garden have devoted themselves to continuing this tradition by re-establishing themselves in Eorzea. Presently we are seeking Cadets of all ages who believe they possess the skills to become SeeD’s, instructors, Garden staff and lend aid to Eorzea. Much as the Grand Companies and City-States offer leves, Garden similarly provides missions to its Cadets and SeeDs in order to give practical experience to in class lessons, assist the general public, and provide extra income.These leves can range anywhere from protecting a local farmer from bandits, to salvaging new technology or even assisting the Templar of Ishgard in defending their homes. In addition to training experienced fighters, Ultima Garden wishes to build a team accomplished tradesmen and women to supply materials to the Grand Companies, medics capable of assisting those in need and an airship division. Students and instructors looking to enhance their experience may also join The Garden Festival committee, planning events for not only the academy but for the benefit of the general public. [align=center][/align] What We Do: Ultima Garden [seeD] is a roleplaying linkshell (100% IC) and Free Company (100% OOC) that has an emphasis on academics, mercenary style guildleves, manufacturing, airships and supporting Free Companies. While everyone has their own idea of role-play, our FC-LS focuses on storyline and character relationships to create an immersive experience. Your writing and roleplay will directly impact the way the story plays out and unfolds. Be aware that we are looking for open-minded people who can respect others opinions and contribute to stories the other members create. You can feel free to participate in events and we encourage you to go ahead and create your own! As our members advance through our ranks, they are imparted with greater responsibilities. While we have no member cap, as we prefer quality over quantity and to ensure that each person has an opportunity to participate without being overlooked in any way. In addition to promoting excellent roleplay, we wish to encourage members to participate in assisting one another with in game content. It is our goal to find other casual players with good attitudes to participate in Deep Dungeon and Diadem as a group.
  9. I transferred to Gilgamesh a while back and the RP is still very active. Pretty much the entire ward 3 of the Goblet is owned by RP FC's (although there are still more then plenty in the other two cities) so, no, there isn't a lot of "Quicksands" style RP. However, it also makes finding RP as easy as going up to a house or standing around the MB areas. Most people are happy to welcome newcomers and walk ups are fairly common. There are two server wide OOC RP shells, multiple events held weekly, and everyone I've met so far is extremely friendly. Gilgamesh has its own forums though and they generally stick to visiting that site instead. Adolar Stone and E'kayah Nunh are both great people to get in touch with though if you are looking to find a good place to start on the server. If you are interested, please feel free to check out the site or send me a /tell in game.
  10. Thank you so much for the amazing job you did on my commission, LadyA! I just got my completed character art by this talented artist today. The entire process from my initial request to finish only took three days, which is one of the fastest artists I've worked with. She was great at designing my piece the way I wanted it and the result was super cute! I highly recommend LadyA's work :thumbsup:
  11. My character has had dealings with them in the past during 1.0. They were a very secretive and had influence in Ishgard. I believe they also have had dealings with the maelstrom. If you are really interested in them, take a look at the 1.0 archer quests. Its seems like SE has all but abandoned this storyline, but its good material so I still use it in RP.
  12. Amazing post! Always happy to get more Ul'dah lore and this is just perfect. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this all out for everyone. :thumbsup:
  13. The Au Ra I created is supposed to have a quirky personality and is a bit of an outsider, so its within the scope of the character to be different. She decided to go with a nickname that is easier for Eorzeans to remember and pronounce. However, I did give her a traditional birth name on her character sheet so she does have one that adheres to lore if it happens to come up in RP. I'd say if you have a good reason for it ICly then it shouldn't be a problem.
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