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  1. A problem that many people had with the Runestone was the fact that it played very fast-and-loose with the established lore by allowing Black Magic, White Magic and Void Magic practitioners take part without consequence. (At least during the tournament and from the folks that supervised it.) It didn't make a whole lot of sense for such a thing to be allowed on Ul'dah's doorstep, especially on a weekly basis. From what I recall, the allowance of forbidden magic existed to make the tournament more accessible to more types of characters, but ultimately it had the reverse effect as many players di
  2. I had a feeling the underscore might have been the problem! Thank you for the quick responses. I shall have a good ol' tinkeroo around and see if that works. I'll post here if I still have any problems specific to the RPC Library. Though, I'm still interested to hear about any other Nald'thal(ians?)!
  3. Hi guys! I'm fairly new to Balmung. (Only started two months ago) and I decided to make an account here after all of that lurking, loitering and being mysterious. I have a couple of questions that I would like to ask, if anybody could answer either of these for me I would greatly appreciate it! 1. Are there any Linkshells or Free Companies that revolve around the Arrzaneth Ossuary or the Order of Nald'thal on Balmung? 2. Do you log into the RPC Library using this forum account? I seem to be unable to do so! It says that my username doesn't exist and I'm now having an existential
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