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  1. [align=center]Niraan Buduga is my name in game and I am able to invite you into the RPC linkshell. And from there, you can either take your pick of the FCs or even jump start your own. I'm currently leveling my main so I'm not alting atm, but lots of the other guys seriously look for excuses to make a new alt >_> I swear it. [/align]
  2. [align=center] Hi there. I'm a newer member to the RPC Linkshell on Mateus. As a guy coming from the outside(an practically relearning the game entirely) I can tell you it's the most likely best move I made.[/align] [align=center] There are indeed houses. Houses for days. And the people- the RPC here is actually pretty friendly. Still growing, so it's not cliquish, but the fire is there and it's slowly catching. And I'm sure anyone else posting up from our realm would back me on that little tidbit. The non-roleplay crowd here isn't bad either, usually very nice and will even take a sea
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